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Webster Kidets join this year’s Kiddie Parade

9 Jul

Director Brian Wilt leads his Kidets on a march around the Schroeder parking lot.

Our little village has its share of parades, but I think my favorite of them all is the Kiddie Parade. This adorable event is Webster’s smallest parade, which takes place every year the evening before Webster’s biggest parade, the Firemen’s Parade.

Compared to the Firemen’s Parade, which marches down Main Street for a full mile and lasts about two hours, The Kiddie Parade winds through south-side neighborhood streets, and lasts maybe 15 minutes.

But it’s the cutest thing EVER.

The Kiddie Parade gives children young and old (read: “adults”) perhaps the only chance they’ll ever have to march in a real parade. Entire families gussy up their wagons and scooters with streamers and signs and dress in coordinated costumes, and just have a blast. Many of the kids even get into true parade spirit and whip candy at the assembled crowds as they march.

This year’s Kiddie Parade, which takes place this Wednesday beginning at 7:00 pm, will be better than most because there’s going to be a special guest of sorts. This year marks the very first appearance of the Webster Kidets, a performance group introduced this year to give younger musicians a chance to see what being in a marching band is like.

The Kidets are comprised of about 20 fifth and sixth-grade musicians and four color guard members, all of whom have been practicing on and off for the last few months under the tutelage of Webster Marching Band Director Brian Wilt and a whole host of Marching Band student and adult assistants. In that short time these kids have learned a brand new piece of music and learned to march as a unit. Sort of.

I stopped by the band’s final practice last night at Webster Schroeder High School and came away very impressed by how far this band has come in such a short time. Sure, the performance wasn’t as tight as you’d expect from a polished marching band; the instrumentation was rather rough and the marching not particularly coordinated. But in step or not, these kids marched with poise and pride, befitting the fact they are a Webster marching band.

I can’t wait to see — and hear — them in the Kiddie Parade tomorrow night.

The Webster Kiddie Parade begins at 7:00 pm on Wednesday July 10 at Spry Middle School on South Avenue. It marches north on South Avenue, turns east onto Dunning, then heading down Sanford Street to the Firemen’s Field to officially open the carnival.

I took a bunch of photos at last night’s rehearsal. Click here or on any one of these to go to a gallery.



Summer concerts return to UCC

8 Jul

Mark your calendar for this Wednesday July 10, when the United Church of Christ on Klem Road kicks off its series of six Caring Community Concerts.

The UCC has been sponsoring these concerts for eight years now, and through free-will offerings have raised close to $40,000 for local non-profit organizations.  People are invited to bring lawn chairs or blankets and a picnic if they wish. There’s also a concession stand selling soda, hot dogs, hamburgers, pulled pork, and a weekly “special.”

There is no admission, but each week the church will collect a free-will offering benefiting that week’s chosen non-profit organization.

The Gateswingers Big Band gets things rolling this Wednesday beginning at 6:30. Click on the image below to check out the rest of the summer’s schedule and each week’s beneficiary.


Business news from the town

6 Jul

I heard some business news from Supervisor Ron Nesbitt a few weeks ago, confirmed recently by a story in this week’s Webster Post.

Three new businesses are coming to town, two of them helping to fill in that big open space next to Kohl’s at Town Center Plaza. The first is a store called HomeGoods, which I have never heard of before.  A quick Internet search, however, tells me that there’s already one of these stores in Victor. They describe themselves on their website thusly:

“HomeGoods is where savvy shoppers of every style discover distinctive home fashions at up to 60% off department and specialty store prices every day.”

I don’t consider myself a savvy shopper (unless “frugal” and “cheap” are synonyms for “savvy”) so I probably won’t be shopping there very much.

Sharing that empty space will be an LA Fitness.  Even after that and HomeGoods come in, there will still be some empty space for yet another store to join them.

The third new business heading our way is a Dairy Queen (YAY!) which will set up shop on Hard Road across from VanIngen Drive (just north of the entrance to Webster Square/Kmart Plaza). Developers hope that this will be up and running by the end of the year (when everyone will want ice cream). LA Fitness and HomeGoods still have some hoops to jump through, so there’s no word yet on when construction will begin for them.

And while we’re on the topic of new local businesses, construction on the new McDonald’s near Walgreens is proceeding apace, as well as the Tim Horton’s/Express Mart at the corner of Five Mile Line and Ridge Road.  Can’t wait to see what Ridge Road traffic will be like when these are finished.


Where, o where are the story ideas?

5 Jul

Yesterday, a friend of mine was talking with me about my blog, and mentioned that she noticed I haven’t been posting as often as I used to. Naturally, she thought that was because it was summer and perhaps I kind of took a holiday of sorts from blogging.

Well, she was partly right.  As soon as school’s over, anything resembling a daily schedule in my life totally disintegrates.  On hot summer days I’m much more likely to feel like NOT doing anything at any particular moment, including blogging.

But that’s only part of the story. In the summer, the incoming blog ideas tend to slow down to a crawl.  I know there must be a lot of things going on out there, but too often I don’t hear about them until too late — or not at all.

So folks, if your organization has an event coming up, let me know about it and I’ll help spread the word.

Like the notice I just got from Jonathan Smalter at Yesterday’s Muse Books, who tells me that he has just begun a new blog of his own, which can be found at  It’s going to be a very good way to keep up on what’s happening at the shop, and will keep true bibliophiles happy with some interesting posts that delve into the beauty of books and literature (like his recent posts about early imprints and first editions).

Yesterday’s Muse will also be holding a sidewalk sale every Friday and Saturday this summer, so you can check out some of their special deals yourself.  Books will be $1 each or $8 a bag.

So what’s going on in your neighborhood?


Webster Thomas grad back in town to perform

3 Jul

Click the photo to see the performance. Rmani Crawford is at the far left.

Back in March I posted a blog about a performance by a former Webster student at a March Madness basketball game.

Rmani Crawford, a 2010 Webster Thomas grad, sang the National Anthem with his Pepperdine University a cappella group, Won by One, before one of the Elite 8 games. Someone posted a video of the performance on YouTube, which you can see by clicking here or on the photo to the left.  (You can also see the original blog by clicking here.)

Well, Rmani and his group Won by One will be in town on Saturday, July 6, to perform in a concert at the Northside Church of Christ, 634 Hudson Avenue in Rochester.The concert begins at 5:00 and is free.  It’d be great if some of Rmani’s hometown friends could go out to support him.

You can find out more about Won by One by checking out their website here or their Facebook page here.


Thoughts on the Bike Path

2 Jul

Have you had a chance to check out the bike path along Route 104 yet?  For sure you’ve seen it as you’ve driven along the highway, and if you’ve ever walked along the sidewalk in front of North Ponds Park, you’ve actually been on it.  But have you actually ever explored it on your bike?

My husband and I logged a lot of miles on it last month, as I tackled my YCMA Staff Triathlon in June.   And one of the things I noticed on our rides is that it doesn’t seem to get much use.  In the last 35 days I’ve probably almost 50 miles back and forth from my home to the village, and (aside from North Ponds and dog walkers in the village)  I’ll bet I passed fewer than a dozen people.

I think part of the reason for that is that the path has gotten a bad rap. It’s completely paved, but there are several sections where the pavement, due to tree roots or frost heaving, is very uneven. My fancy new mountain bike, with shock-absorbing springs built into the frame, take the speed bumps pretty well. But I do feel sorry for anyone (of the male persuasion in particular) who does not think to stand up out of the seat as they ride over these outcroppings.

But you won’t find them along the entire length of the 6.1-mile trail, and there’s an entire section where the town has made an effort to smooth some of them over. And despite the fact that much of the route butts up right against the busy highway, there are many isolated and quite peaceful sections, especially east of North Avenue (Rt. 250) in the village, heading towards Phillips.

I must admit that before I started this Triathlon challenge, I had never been on the trail before myself. But now I can’t wait to spend a day, ride to the village for lunch, and then ride its whole length from Salt Road to Bay Road.  I hope to see you on it.

* * *
The 6.1-mile Rt. 104 Bike Trail can be accessed at any of the roads crossing route 104, including Salt Road, Phillips Road, North Ave. (route 250), Holt Road, Hard Road, Five Mile Line, Gravel Road, Maple Drive and Bay Rd.  If you’re packing your bikes in the car, parking is most convenient at North Ponds Park.

And while you’re there, the Bird Sanctuary Trail and the Hojack Trail are within spitting distance of North Ponds Park (not to mention the 1-mile long North Ponds Loop Trail). Make a day of it and explore some of Webster’s great natural resources.

Check out the Friends of Webster Trails website for more information about our town’s terrific trail system.