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Learn more about the new NEQALS facility

28 Feb

If you’ve been wanting to learn more about the brand new NEQALS facility on Jackson Rd., here’s your chance.

On Tuesday March 1 from 6 to 7 p.m., Northeast Quadrant Advanced Life Support will be hosting its first “Learn About EMS” meeting at the new headquarters, 1030 Jackson Rd.

Community members are invited to check out the brand new facility, take a tour, see the advanced life support equipment and ambulances, and understand how EMS works in Webster. Members of the NEQALS Board of Directors will be on hand to answer any questions.

Everyone is invited, and there’s no charge or need to register.

* * *

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Looking for leprechauns?

27 Feb

Get your leprechaun-hunting skills tuned up, because there are two great opportunities in March to go in search of these playful little sprites.

(OK, OK, neither of these events actually MENTIONS looking for leprechauns, but they ARE scavenger hunts, and since it’s St. Patrick’s Day season, I figure there’s a good chance some will turn up!)

What you WILL find with these two family-friendly scavenger hunts is some great exercise and good fun — and everyone might learn something new to boot.

The first is called the “Clovers and Clues” scavenger hunt, sponsored by Webster Parks and Recreation and the Webster Health and Education Network (WHEN). From March 1 through March 17, participants will hunt for clues placed in 13 locations all around the Town of Webster. Each clue consists of different letters, and when all the letters are collected, you’ll use them to decode a final message prompting healthy choices.

Completed answers can be submitted to Webster Parks and Recreation for the chance to win a prize.

Visit the WHEN website beginning March 1 to get your first clue. The hunt will run continuously through March 17. Collecting letters will take about an hour or two, can be done anytime and is a great activity for all ages. A smart phone is encouraged to help find clue locations and to scan QR codes.

This second Family Scavenger Hunt is also co-sponsored by the Webster Recreation Center in partnership with the Friends of Webster Trails.

This one-day event takes place on Sunday March 6 beginning at 10 a.m. at Gosnell Big Woods preserve on Vosburg Rd., rain or shine. Participants can sign in anytime between 10 and noon and receive an age-appropriate scavenger hunt answer key. Three skill levels will be provided for ages 2 to 12. Then just walk through the park gathering answers, submit your sheet when you’re done and get a prize.

Registration is $5 per person, and can be paid when you get there. All proceeds will benefit the Friends of Webster Trails and their efforts to maintain and improve our terrific trail system.

This is at least the third Family Scavenger Hunt the Friends have hosted, and they’ve all been very popular. These folks do a great job making sure that kids of all ages (and their adults) can participate and have fun.

So, you see, no mention of leprechauns. But if I were you, I’d keep my eye out for them anyway.

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The museum is seeking West Webster history

25 Feb

If you haven’t heard the exciting news yet, the Town of Webster has secured a grant to revitalize West Webster’s four corners area. In anticipation of that, the Webster Museum would like to gather as much information and history about the area as possible.

If you live there now, or are a former resident of the hamlet, they’d love if you could share some of your memories and old photos, anything that could help tell West Webster’s story. They’ll even copy or scan your photos so you don’t have to give them up. Who knows? They might even show up in future exhibits and programs.

If you have stories, old posters, postcards, photos or other memorabilia to share, please contact Jan Naujokas at 265-3268 or Webster Historian Lynn Barton at 265-3308.

Click here to read more about the revitalization plan.

* * *

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Fun in the snow, courtesy the Webster Rec

23 Feb

When you can’t beat the winter, join it! That’s the philosophy behind the Webster Parks and Recreation’s latest fun-in-the-snow event, the Polar Fun Run, scheduled for this Saturday Feb. 26.

This is a one-mile, untimed walk (or run if you’d like) around North Ponds Park. Everyone will enjoy hot chocolate and assorted other goodies afterwards. This is a great opportunity especially for families to get out together for a little exercise.

There’s no charge, but registration is required (after all, they need to know how much hot chocoloate to bring). Click here to register.

Here’s a preview of a few other fun events taking place in March which the Rec Center is helping pull together … not one, but TWO scavenger hunts!

Clovers & Clues runs from March 1 to 17, and will take participants all over town, collecting clues to complete a secret phrase. The Family Scavenger Hunt is a one-day event where families can explore Gosnell Big Woods. This is the third event like this which the Friends of Webster Trails has sponsored, and they’ve been very popular.

I’ll revisit both of these events in a future blog, but you might want to put them on your calendar now.

* * *

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I have a word problem

23 Feb

I freely admit it. I have a word problem.

I came to that realization this morning when I looked up at the clock and realized I’d been sitting on the couch in my pajamas, a long-empty coffee cup at my elbow, doing puzzles on my computer for two hours.

It began innoculously enough. Several weeks ago I was beginning to see my social media feeds filling up with references to this new word game, Wordle. I’m sure you know it; its popularity has been spreading like wildfire, so much so that the New York Times bought it, making its developer quite rich. (Beware for when the Times puts it behind their paywall.)

For a long time, I resisted the urge to fall into its clutches, mostly because of my irrational refusal to be sucked into current fads like a lemming. (I call it my “Cabbage Patch Doll policy.”) But after a few respected friends and readers suggested I try it out, I did. And I got hooked.

I started playing Wordle and found out I was pretty good at it. So much so that it only took a few minutes to puzzle out the solution, leaving me feeling a little cheated. (“What do you MEAN I have to wait until tomorrow for the next one? I want another one NOW!”)

Then last week I saw my friend Patty playing something called “Quordle” on her phone. It looked just like Wordle, but had FOUR boards to be solved simultaneously.

Ooooo. This was exactly what I was looking for.

I immediately became a fan. Having to solve four boards at once was not only more challenging, but took a little longer, so it helped scratch that itch.

Still, I wanted more.

A few days later I saw a reference to something called “Worldle,” which is a Wordle-like geography game (hence “world” in the name, if you didn’t notice that). It’s not a word game, but it is challenging and makes you think.

Then, this morning, I found the word game motherlode in this post from by Christopher Livingston titled “10 games like Wordle you should add to your daily playlist.” The list included the two new ones I was already playing — Quordle and Worldle — but also games called Nerdle, Crosswordle, Dungleon, Squareword, Squabble, Eldrow, Waffle and Weredle.

Of course I had to do due diligence and try every one of them. They’re all permutations of the original Wordle, but present varying degrees of difficulty. One of them, Nerdle, is mathematics-based, and Dungleon uses fantasy characters.

After exhaustive research (two hours on the couch, recall), I found I didn’t really like most of the new games for one reason of another. But three of them — Waffle, Squareword and Eldrow — seem to have some real promise.

Like Wordle, though, most of these new games post only one puzzle every day, so you have to wait until the following day for another challenge. But now that I have six games to play every morning … that’s probably a good thing.

But I still might have to get a bigger coffee mug.

* * *

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One last “Fall in Love” highlight: Betty White Night

21 Feb

We’ve enjoyed dozens of special events and merchant discounts this month as part of the Village of Webster’s Fall in Love With Webster event, and there’s more to come this week (check the event’s Facebook page for a list), but this one is worth special mention.

This Thursday Feb. 24 is “Betty White Night” in the village, honoring the memory of our favorite Golden Girl, Betty White.

From 5 to 7 p.m., Lala of Webster, at 38 East Main, will celebrate this amazing lady with birthday treats and champagne. Betty’s special passion for animals will also play a part in the evening. Webster-based author Kate Spreter, who shares Betty’s passion for rescue animals, has donated two signed copies of her book A Home for Benny, which will be raffled off at the end of the evening. Raffle donations will benefit a local pet-assistance organization.

That same evening, Jojo Bistro and Wine Bar (next door to Lala) will host a “Golden Hour” from 4 to 8 p.m., with a Betty White-inspired cocktail menu. Stop in for a “Betty White,” a “Rose Nyland” or a non-alcoholic “Golden Girl.” There’s also live music by the very talented Amanda Ashley from 6 to 8 p.m.

Webster Hots, right across the street at 55 East Main, is also joining the fun. Since Betty also loved hot dogs, fries and Diet Coke, Webster Hots will be offering two speciality combo deals through the end of March. Click here for more information about that.

Wherever you land this Thursday evening, wear your pearls and get ready to make some Golden memories.

* * *

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Folk music has found a home in the Village of Webster

20 Feb

Anyone familiar with the Village of Webster probably knows by now that our corner pub, Barry’s Old School Irish, is THE place to find authentic Irish music. Fewer people realize, however, that every weekend Barry’s is also home to the best folk music in town, performed by the Webster Saturday Folk Jam.

Stop into Barry’s Old School Irish any Saturday from noon to 2 p.m. and you’ll find a group of folk musicians circled around tables in the bakery side of the pub. They’re mostly playing guitars, with an occasional mandolin, banjo, bass or ukulele joining the mix. But they’re all playing, and they’re all singing, jamming to tunes we all know and filling the pub with beautiful music.

The Webster Saturday Folk Jam was established just over five years ago by Webster resident Dave Wyble, who’s led the weekly sessions since day one. He was inspired by a similar group hosted by the Golden Link Folk Singing Society, which has been holding Tuesday-night “sing-arounds” for more than 50 years.

Wyble, a self-described Golden Link “lurker” and folk musician himself (he and his wife Patty have their own duo, Doctor’s Orders), liked the idea of bringing more music to the pub. At the same time, he added, hosting a weekly jam would help him improve his own musical skills, learn more about folk music, and share that knowledge with others.

The Webster Saturday Folk Jams, however, have always been different in one big way from the sing-arounds which inspired them.

The Golden Link philosophy focuses as much on the history of the music as the music itself, Wyble explained. “It’s more about the culture of folk music, what folk music has brought to the culture in addition to the actual tunes.”  

“Their focus is more on keeping alive the folk tradition,” he added. “When you sing a song (at the sing-arounds) you’re more or less expected to introduce it in some way,” telling of its history or where you learned it, before playing the song for the assembled musicians. Sometimes others will play along, but mostly everyone else just sits back and listens. 

It’s not unusual for up to 25 musicians to join the sing-arounds, which mean that usually there’s only enough time for each musician to perform once. Wyble wanted his Webster Saturday Folk Jam sessions to offer more playing opportunities than that.

“I wanted a new form of group where all in attendance had the opportunity to play along if they so desired,” he said. To facilitate that, everyone works from the same two songbooks, Rise Up Singing and Rise Again. That way, everyone has the chords and lyrics in front of them for every song played.

Between them, the books have about 2500 songs, and they’re not all what you might consider “folk classics.” For sure, folkies like Pete Seeger, Peter Paul & Mary and Woodie Guthrie are well represented. But you’ll also find Jason Mraz, Mumford & Sons, Ed Sheeran and Green Day. There’s even a whole chapter called “Millenial Songs.”

Working from common songbooks also makes it easy for anyone in the listening crowd to join in.

“If someone comes along and looks interested,” Wyble said, “I will hand them a book and say, ‘Here, pick one of these and we’ll do our best to play it with you. … I might not know the song, but if you can sing it and I’ve got the chords in front of me, I will play it for you.'” 

“That’s the kind of inclusivity that we’ve always tried to maintain here. Make it so that it’s a group environment. Because folk music by its definition is the music that the folk sing,” a description he attributes to Pete Seeger.  

The group was successful from the very beginning, drawing musicians from all over the area, including several Golden Link board members. The first session, held on January 7, 2017, attracted nine musicians, most of whom still attend regularly. Since then, the circle might have as few as four or five, whereas other weeks as many as a dozen musicians and their instruments have had to squeeze into the bakery corner.

The pandemic didn’t even slow them down too much.

Like everything else, the Webster Saturday Folk Jams took a big hit from COVID. The sessions moved to Zoom for several months when the pandemic began, then returned in-person for a few months over the summer until Delta and Omicron drove them back online.

In-person sessions have returned to the pub again, however. For two hours last Saturday, Barry’s Old School Irish was once again filled with folk harmonies, getting toes tapping and the pub singing.

Being part of the crowd was kind of like sitting around a campfire with good friends. And that’s exactly what the Webster Saturday Folk Jam is all about.

Click here to find out more about the Webster Saturday Folk Jam, or better yet, stop by Barry’s Old School Irish any Saturday from noon to 2 p.m. to see what it’s all about. Bring your voice, bring an instrument, or just bring your love of folk music. You’ll be welcome no matter what.

Barry’s is located at 2 West Main St. in the Village of Webster.

* * *

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Fall in love with Webster (Week 4)

19 Feb

The Village of Webster’s exciting Fall in Love With Webster month-long community celebration is almost over. All month, residents and visitors to our fine village have been enjoying merchant discounts and special events, all embracing the theme of love.

Being this is the last week, you’ve only got a few days left to collect trivia answers. Look for questions and answers posted in the windows of participating shops, write down the answer and bring them all to Barry’s Old School Irish on Feb. 23 for the weekly trivia contest, and compete for fabulous prizes. More than 30 village businesses are participating!

Here’s what’s coming up this week:

All week:

Thinking of Others: Be Someone’s Secret Admirer!

The Village of Webster is inviting everyone to be an old-fashioned “secret admirer” anytime during the month. You could send flowers to someone, or just pay it forward at the drive through. It’s all about thoughtfulness. Have fun!

NEJFD Fire District boot drive

Our Northeast Joint Fire District firefighters are hosting a boot drive. All month, Barry’s Old School Irish and Lala of Webster will each have a real firefighter’s boot to accept your donations. Half of the proceeds will be donated to Webster Comfort Care.

All week: Blind Date With a Book Sale at Yesterday’s Muse

This sounds like a lot of fun. Customers pay $5 to buy a mystery book, which is wrapped in plain brown paper with a genre and description written on the outside. Ooo…how fun! Which one will you choose?What a fun and romantic way to share some love, read a book, and make some February memories all the while supporting a local merchant. Sounds like a win for everyone! Who’s your mystery date? Find it at Yesterday’s Muse.

Feb. 21 – 24: Frozen Dance Camp at ROC Dance

Join Elsa, Anna, Olaf & the Roc Dance faculty this winter break as and dance to all your favorite Frozen songs! Daily arts & crafts, games, songs and dancing to keep your little one busy during February Break. this feb break! Click here for more information.

Feb. 22 – 24: February Break Camp at the Webster Rec, ages 6-11

Sign up the kids for this fun camp featuring games, crafts, gym, and more. For ges 6-11. Sign up here

Feb. 22, 7 p.m.: Live Practice Session: Chorus of the Genesee

The Chorus sings four-part “a cappella” music, specializing in barbershop harmony, an original American art form. Click here to find out more about the Chorus of the Genesee and how you can get involved.  

Feb. 23, 6:30 p.m.: Barry’s Crossword Puzzle and Webster Trivia Night

Barry’s Old School Irish’s weekly trivia night will have a crossword theme AND Village of Webster trivia theme! In addition to general knowledge questions set up in Crossword Puzzle format, they’ll also be asking Webster trivia questions. Get a leg up by collecting all of the answers ahead of time. They;re located in the merchant store windows. More info here, including how to reserve your table.

Feb. 24, 5 to 7 p.m.: Betty White Night at Lala’s

Join us for a celebration of this amazing lady. Wear your favorite pearls and get ready to share in some snarky happenings! Food, drink, and birthday cake, of course! “Betty’s Happy Hour” will also offer a sneak peek into our winter and spring 2022 Charlie Paige clothing line. Plus, Ohhh, Lordee Everything Sauce will be catering the event. Call 585-236-1604 if you have any questions.

Feb. 24, 4 – 8 p.m..: Golden Hour at Jojo’s

In conjunction with Lala’s Betty White Night, Jojo Bistro and Wine Bar will be offering a Betty White-inspired cocktail menu. Stop in for a “Betty White,” “Rose Nyland” or a non-alcoholic “Golden Girl.” Plus there’s live music, featuring the über-talented Amanda Ashley from 6 to 8 p.m.

Feb. 24, 10:30 a.m.: Irish Star Block Class at the Village Quilt Shoppe

The points of these wonky stars are easy to create when you have the right tool – the Creative Grids Lazy Angle, that is! Combine them with four-patches for an intricate looking block that can be made in an afternoon! Finished size is 12 in. x 37 in. Call the Village Quilt Shoppe at 585-626-6916 to sign up.

Feb. 25, 11 a.m.: Trunk Show: Sallie Tomato at the Village Quilt Shoppe

Taking a walk? Going to a festival or quilt show? Travel light with our Sophie cell phone and card case pattern. By carrying your cell phone and ID/credit card with this convenient cell phone holder, you won’t be weighed down by a traditional crossbody bag. Give the Village Quilt Shoppe ladies a call at 585-626-6916 to sign up. 

Feb. 25 to 27: Heart to Heart Bride Trunk Show: Sincerity Bridal

Click here to find out which styles will be at the shop for that weekend only, or call 585-872-9696. 

Feb. 26, 10 a.m.: Polar Bear Fun Run sponsored by Webster Parks and Recreation.

This is a one-mile fun run/walk or stroll through the beautiful Whiting Rd. Nature Preserve. There’s no charge, but click here to register.

❤ Also, all month you’ll find specials at Finn’s Garage (to benefit Heritage Christian Stables), Savage Chef, Professional Nutrition Services, Webster Eyecare Associates, Nut & Bolt Tattoo, Orville’s Home Appliances, Nest Things, Performance Hobbies and Webster Interiors.

❤ ❤ ❤

More details about all these events can be found on the Fall in Love With Webster Facebook page.

* * *

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Webster community mailbag

18 Feb

I’d like to start off today’s mailbag with a sweet item from Mary Alice Moore about a friend of hers, Eleanor Scott, who recently celebrated her 90th birthday.

Eleanor wanted to mark the occasion by going to Nick Tahoe’s. So she and her group of girlfriends — who often do things together — headed downtown last week to the restaurant. The group, as you might imagine, attracted the attention of Alex Tahoe himself, who came over to talk with the ladies. Upon learning it was Eleanor’s birthday, he gave her a t-shirt, facilitated photos in front of the sign (behind the serving counter!) and even walked them to the parking lot.

There’s a good chance you might know Eleanor; she’s very involved in the Webster Presbyterian Church and Young Life, and has taken several mission groups to Kenya. Make sure to wish her a happy birthday if you see her around town!

Thank you to Mary Alice for providing this story and photos. She’s in Florida right now and couldn’t attend the party, but was there in spirit, and the “girls” kept her updated throughout the entire event.

Blood donors critically needed

This recent spate of bad weather hasn’t just made driving difficult and closed schools. It’s also meant that the Red Cross has had to cancel blood drives. And that’s dealing a tough blow to the national blood supply, which has already been at crisis levels since early January.

The need for blood is constant and only volunteer donors can fulfill that need for patients in our community. Nationwide, someone needs a unit of blood every two to three seconds, and most of us will need blood in our lifetime.

Your next opportunity to donate in Webster is coming up on Tuesday March 1, in the recreation room at the Lighthouse Baptist Church, from noon to 5 p.m. The church is located at 48 South Estate Drive (that’s near the Summit Knolls apartment complex east of Webster Schroeder off of Shoecraft).

They’d love for you to make an appointment to assure social distancing. You can click here to do so. I also recommend you get in the habit of filling out the RapidPass on the morning of your donation; it saves a lot of time.

I’d ALSO recommend you download the Red Cross Blood Donor App, available on the App Store and Google Play. It’s a great tool to help schedule appointments, view your blood type and results of your mini-physical, and track your donations.

EXTRA EXTRA from the library

On Tuesday Feb. 23, the Webster Public LIbrary will host Deanne Quinn Miller and local author Gary Craig for a discussion of their new non-fiction book, The Prison Guard’s Daughter, and the events of the Attica Prison Riot, which marked its 50th anniversary last Sepetember.

Miller is uniquely qualified to tell this story. She’s the daughter of Correctional Officer William Quinn, the first casualty of the Attica Prison Riot. She’s also a member of Forgotten Victims of Attica, which provides counseling, has established an annual memorial at the prison, and in the last 20 years has secured $12 million in reparations for its members.

Here’s part of the book synopsis taken from

On the 50th anniversary of America’s deadliest prison riot comes a prison-guard daughter’s quest to uncover the truth about her father’s murder during the uprising―a story of crossing racial divides, befriending inmates and correctional officers alike, and challenging the state to reveal and pay for its malfeasance.

Deanne Quinn Miller was five years old when her father―William “Billy” Quinn―was murdered in the first minutes of the Attica Prison Riot, the only corrections officer to die at the hands of inmates. But how did he die? Who were the killers? Those questions haunted Dee and wreaked havoc on her psyche for thirty years. Finally, when she joined the Forgotten Victims of Attica, she began to find answers. This began the process of bringing closure not only for herself but for the other victims’ families, the former prisoners she met, and all of those who perished on September 13, 1971―the day of the “retaking,” when New York State troopers and corrections officers at the Attica Correctional facility slaughtered twenty-nine rioting prisoners and ten hostages in a hail of gunfire.

The discussion will be held via Zoom on Tuesday Feb. 23 from 7 to 8 p.m. Registration is required, and once you do so, you’ll be sent the Zoom invitation. There’s no charge.

Penfield’s Annual “Indoor Hike” Scheduled for March

The Penfield Trails Committee will host its annual “Indoor Hike” on Saturday March 12 from 10 a.m. to noon at Penfield Town Hall, 3100 Atlantic Ave.

This unique event, held each year during the deep cold of the winter when the weather for outdoor hiking can be unfavorable, is a chance to explore and learn about nature and hiking-related topics in a lecture-style setting, with discussion time following the lecture.

This year’s topic is “Rewilding Local and Global Natural Habitats – A Sustainable Conservation Remedy,” presented by Penfield Trails Committee Chairman Nelson Carman. Mr. Carman will discuss ideas from environmentalist, author, and activist Paul Hawken on large-scale, practical remedies for reversing our climate crisis, as well as the concept of repairing and rewilding natural habitats on a global level from American biologist, naturalist, and writer E.O. Wilson. Discussion time will follow the lecture.

Hiking groups from other area towns and organizations will also be present with information about their groups and their 2022 schedules and events.

This event is free and open to the public. Participants are asked to please register here or by calling Penfield Recreation at (585) 340-8655.

* * *

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Do you like your Guinness?

16 Feb

If you’re a fan of Ireland’s most popular pint, then you’re not going to want to miss this event.

The Great Guinness Toast returns to Barry’s Old School Irish pub this Saturday Feb. 19. Since it opened more than ten years ago, Barry’s has always been invited by Guinness to host this annual — worldwide — event by virtue of the fact that Barry’s sells more Guinness than any other pub or restaurant in the Greater Rochester area and beyond.

That’s right. Our little corner of Ireland in OUR little village is THAT authentic.

This is always one of Barry’s Old School Irish’s most popular events of the year, in part because there are always free Guinness pints handed out to anyone who wants one, free giveaways from the Guinness reps, and live music. And of course there’s Danny’s epic toast. Sláinte!

Basically, you don’t want to miss any of it.

Festivities for this year’s Great Guinness Toast (which is also known as “St. Practice Day” since it marks a month before St. Patrick’s Day) begin at 7 p.m. The pints on the house and official toast happen at 9:15 (ish…. we ARE talking Irish time, after all).

Never been to Barry’s? Here’s a taste from last Saturday’s traditional Irish session. It doesn’t get more Irish pub-like than this.

Barry’s Old School Irish is located at 2 West Main St. at the Village of Webster’s four corners.

* * *

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