Do you like your Guinness?

16 Feb

If you’re a fan of Ireland’s most popular pint, then you’re not going to want to miss this event.

The Great Guinness Toast returns to Barry’s Old School Irish pub this Saturday Feb. 19. Since it opened more than ten years ago, Barry’s has always been invited by Guinness to host this annual — worldwide — event by virtue of the fact that Barry’s sells more Guinness than any other pub or restaurant in the Greater Rochester area and beyond.

That’s right. Our little corner of Ireland in OUR little village is THAT authentic.

This is always one of Barry’s Old School Irish’s most popular events of the year, in part because there are always free Guinness pints handed out to anyone who wants one, free giveaways from the Guinness reps, and live music. And of course there’s Danny’s epic toast. Sláinte!

Basically, you don’t want to miss any of it.

Festivities for this year’s Great Guinness Toast (which is also known as “St. Practice Day” since it marks a month before St. Patrick’s Day) begin at 7 p.m. The pints on the house and official toast happen at 9:15 (ish…. we ARE talking Irish time, after all).

Never been to Barry’s? Here’s a taste from last Saturday’s traditional Irish session. It doesn’t get more Irish pub-like than this.

Barry’s Old School Irish is located at 2 West Main St. at the Village of Webster’s four corners.

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