Local business strives to give back

14 Feb

You’d think that having written this blog for 14 years, I’d know pretty much everything there is to know about Webster. But once in a while I have the distinct pleasure of discovering something new, and learning about a business I’d never known before. 

That was the case with Gleason Orthodontics. The practice, headed by Dr. James Gleason, is located at 246 South Ave., basically right around the corner from my home. I’ve driven and walked by it hundreds of times, but had never given it a second thought. 

Last week, however, the name Gleason Orthodontics came across my radar twice, with regards to their participation in community events. Clearly this was a business that not only wanted to get more involved in the Webster community, but was actively searching out opportunities to do so. 

I had to meet them.

I knew I was in the right place when I walked into the office and Gleason’s marketing coordinator, Amy Gilmore, had to move a pile of handmade Valentines from a chair to give me room to sit down. Turns out they were having their young patients make cards for the residents of The Maplewood nursing home. She and the other staff members were making some as well, just to make sure there was a Valentine for each one of the Maplewood’s 72 residents.

Right next to the Valentines was a box filled with dental-health-inspired goodie bags which they were planning to hand out to children at the Webster Recreation Center. Amy explained that projects like these are their way of giving back to the area and the patients they serve, giving back to the people who have helped build the practice. 

“Most of our patients are here in Webster,” she said. “Instead of (Dr. Gleason) just dropping money here or there to organizations he doesn’t know about, he said, why don’t we invest in the community, invest in the people that we serve and we help? That’s really what we’re striving to do.”

The Valentine’s Day cards and goodie bags are just the beginning. Gleason is always looking for opportunities where they can give back. Their participation in the ongoing Fall in Love With Webster community celebration is a good example. All this month, they’re offering to buy Girl Scout cookies from anyone selling them, which they’ll then donate to veterans. (Call Amy at Gleason Orthodontics, 585-872-3355, if you’re interested.)  

The list of events like that which the practice is supporting is long and getting longer every day. It already includes the Mud Run at Webster Parks and Recreation, sponsoring the Kona Ice truck at the Summer Bash, participating in Community Arts Day and the Greater Rochester Peep Show.  

So keep your eye out for the Gleason Orthodontics logo, or better yet, the table they’ve set up at the next Webster community event. Then make sure to stop by and thank them for all their support for our community. 

* * *

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