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Portion of Hard Road to close Monday

2 Aug

hard road map

Chances are you’ve been seeing the warning signs posted near Hard Road recently regarding road closures there beginning Monday August 7. It’s basically the start of something we’ve all wanted for a long time: improvements to Ridge Road to help reduce the congestion.

Here are the details, pulled directly from the Emergency Alert posted to the Town of Webster website:

Beginning Monday, August 7, a roughly 400 ft stretch of Hard Road, between Ridge Road and the entrance to Hegedorns Market…will close in both directions for three weeks.

Crews will flatten the approach to the Ridge Road intersection, improving visibility.
The driveway to the grocery store on Hard Road will remain open. An official detour will direct motorists a mile and a half to the east on Route 104 or Ridge Road to Holt Road.

This is part of the ongoing $2.9 million highway project to upgrade two intersections on Route 404 (Ridge Road.) When complete, the expanded intersections of Route 404 at Five Mile Line and Hard roads will provide turn lanes, bicycle space, (and) new traffic signal systems with accommodations for pedestrians. Additionally, modifications to sidewalk ramps will be made at the intersections of Black Cherry and Webster Commons boulevards and Holt Road to bring these locations into compliance with the Americans with Disability Act.

The project is anticipated to be complete by Spring 2018. Traffic will generally be maintained on-site with morning and afternoon time restrictions. Access to driveways will be maintained during construction except during the three-week closure on Hard Road to flatten the roadway.

Hard Road Intersection

A right turn lane, bicycle lane and sidewalk will be added on Route 404 in the westbound direction at the intersection of Hard Road. A new traffic signal system, including protected left turn arrows in all directions, pedestrian crosswalks and countdown timers will be installed.

Five Mile Line Road Intersection

Right turn lanes will be added on Route 404 in both directions at Five Mile Line Road. A right turn lane will also be provided on Five Mile Line Road in the northbound direction.  The left turn lanes will be longer to provide more vehicle storage.  A dedicated bicycle lane between the travel lane and the right turn lanes will be added on Route 404.  A sidewalk will be provided to accommodate pedestrians. A new traffic signal system with pedestrian crosswalks and countdown timers will be installed.

* * *

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Finally! Repairs to the bike path

30 Jul

bike path 2

There’s happy news from the bike trail! The Town of Webster has finally decided to do something about fixing it up.

You know the bike trail; it’s the six-mile long path that runs from Bay Road to Salt Road, adjacent to Rt. 104. It’s well-traveled by bikers and walkers alike, and offers a scenic off-road route to and from the village.

As a frequent user of the bike path, I’ve been distressed for a long time about the condition of this trail. Lately, my husband and I have been avoiding it, mostly because we now have expensive bikes, and there are several places on that path that are in such disrepair — mostly from tree roots heaving the asphalt — it’s dangerous to bikes and bikers.

I took to my blog last August to decry the situation, with a posting I titled “Town of Webster: Please fix the bike trail.” In that blog, I described the various states of disrepair of each of the path’s sections (and included a few photos of some of the worst parts).

That blog did not sit well with Supervisor Nesbitt, to put it mildly. But perhaps it did have some effect, because last week as I was driving along Rt 104, I saw several pieces of construction equipment working on part of the trail between Hard and Holt roads.

My husband and I hopped on our bikes to investigate a few days later. Sure enough, several areas in that one-mile section have been smoothed out and patched.  The town workers had clearly been working on it for a while; as we continued to ride east toward Holt we saw many areas with long stretches of new asphalt. Plus, there were several other places where white markings on the path seemed to indicate repairs to come.

So thank you, Town of Webster, for finally paying some attention to a long-overdue problem. And when you’re done with the Hard to Holt Road section, please don’t stop there. There’s so much more work that needs to be done.

bike path 3

The Hard to Holt Road section now has long patches of new asphalt

bike path 1

Signs of more good things to come?

And by the way, while we’re talking trails, I want to give another shout-out to the amazing volunteers of the Friends of Webster Trails. My husband and I took a bike ride on the Hojack Trail today, from Hard Road all the way to Lake, and enjoyed every minute of it.

Thank you, thank you, thank you again, Friends, for all the work you put into creating and maintaining our trail system.  You bring us all such joy. I am proud to be a member, and if you ever use any of Webster’s trails, I suggest you become a member and support this fine organization as well.

* * *

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Webster Community Mailbag

8 Jul

mailbagThis week’s mailbag is packed with news from the St. Martin Lutheran Church, the Webster Village Band and the town and village of Webster. So grab your calendar, and keep reading!


Pulled Pork Drive Thru BBQ

St. Martin Lutheran Church is holding a Pulled Pork Drive Thru barbecue on Saturday, July 15 from 4:30 until gone at the church on 813 Bay Road, Webster. Pull into the parking lot, place your order, and the dinner will be delivered to you in your car.

The take-out dinner includes pulled pork, roll, salt potatoes, cole slaw and cookie for $9.00. Proceeds support the church’s annual Christmas Stocking Project, which reaches more than 500 children and teens in Monroe and Wayne counties.

Webster Village Band 

The Webster Village Band‘s summer schedule is off to a strong start thanks to recent nice weather. Their most recent concert was held at the United Church of Christ last Wednesday, and was well attended.

Their next two appearances are their regular Thursday night gig at the band shell on Phillips Road, Thursday, July 20 beginning at 7 p.m., and their always popular Christmas in July concert at the Joe Obbie Farmer’s Market (Kohl’s/Target Plaza) on Saturday morning, July 22 beginning at 10 a.m.

The Webster Village Band is directed by Tom Indiano and Associate Director Sue Siegmund. Their concerts are always free and always open to the public. Here’s a quick slideshow of photos from last Wednesday’s UCC concert and last year’s Christmas in July.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Town Hall Renovations are Progressing

Supervisor Nesbitt has provided an update on the Town Hall renovations. He writes:

All of the exposed asbestos has been removed, and now the crews have started on demolishing walls, ceilings, and floors.

There will be new restrooms for men and women installed, along with the updating of offices and the common rooms all around town hall. The new door entries are being installed so the wind does not catch the doors and break them anymore. There will also be more security put in place for our employees’ safety. Cameras will be installed in the building common areas and overlooking the parking lots for security of all.

The Police Department is seeing a complete face lift of their operation complete with cameras, new booking area, new locker rooms for the officers, upgrades to the detention area, and new flooring throughout the department.

So far, operating from the temporary offices in the Van Ingen Court Building seems to working out well. Remember that all Town Hall functions have been moved to the Van Ingen building (behind Town Hall) until construction is completed later this year. So bring all your business there, and make sure to have a smile for all the Town Hall employees who are enduring through it all!

Webster Waterfront Art Festival

Make sure to mark your calendars for the third annual Waterfront Art Festival, scheduled for Saturday, July 29 and Sunday, July 30 at North Ponds Park. Dozens of vendors will gather with high-quality craft items and good food, and entertainment will be provided throughout the day.

The best place to find parking is at the Xerox lot off of Phillips Road, where a free shuttle bus will take you to the park and back.

Summer in the Village

The summer village music scene is heating up. There have already been three concerts at the gazebo, and the Friday night series continues for the next two months, the next one scheduled for July 28 at 7 p.m., featuring the fusion sounds of The Ryan Johnson Project.

On the weekend prior to that, the 10th annual Webster Jazz Festival returns to Main Street on July 21 and 22.

Nationally acclaimed Fusion Jazz great Cabo Frio headlines the weekend, with other acts including The Mambo Kings, Walter Chatman, Jimmie Highsmith Jr, Paradigm Shift, El Rojo Jazz, Marco Amadio and many more.

Movies in the Park is also celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. Upcoming features include Tuesday night movies for kids like The Batman Lego Movie, and Disney’s Big Friendly Giant, and Saturday night date-night movies like Casablanca and the Out of Towners. The movies take place in Gazebo Park on North Avenue.

The music and movies are all sponsored by our local businesses, members of the Webster Business Improvement District. Click here for more details about all of these special events, and many more.

* * *

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A shout out to our Special Police

30 May

special police 4

Do you know those Special Police officers you always see working crowd control at parades, helping us cross the street during the carnival, and helping out at accident scenes?

Did you realize they’re all volunteers? Not only that, they have to go through a lot of training just to even become a volunteer.

Here’s a more detailed description from the Town of Webster website:

The Webster Special Police are a group of volunteers, appointed by the Town Board of Webster, whose mission is to assist the Webster Police Department during emergencies and special events. As certified NYS Peace Officers, our goal is to provide citizens with a professional organization that stands ready to fulfill this mission whenever activated. Our vision is to maintain the highest standards of organization, training, and professionalism in order to aid the police department in upholding the laws of the State of New York, County of Monroe, and Town and Village of Webster.

They were out in force during the Memorial Day Parade. I always make it a point to thank them for being there, and this time around I also snapped photos of as many of them as I could to single out this great organization for their service.

So take a look at these faces and when you see them at the Firemen’s Parade, make sure to give them a smile and a “Thanks for being here!” Because they don’t have to be.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

* * *

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Finally, good news about Ridge Road congestion

26 Apr

Traffic-jam (1)

If you’ve lived in Webster for any length of time, chances are very good you’ve grumbled about Ridge Road traffic more than once. But hang in there — there seems to some light at the end of the tunnel.

In his most recent weekly column, Supervisor Nesbitt announced that the town has received a $1,480,000 grant to make improvements along Ridge Road.

The plan is to install sidewalks and bike lanes, and make other transit improvements along Ridge Road in the coming years. The grant application was made in anticipation of improvements New York State will be making along that same area within the next year, specifically to the intersections of Hard Road, Five Mile Line Road, and Hatch Road. In conjunction with that work, the town wanted to extend the sidewalks from Holt Road to Five Mile Line Road as part of the overall construction.

Once all the work is complete, residents will be able to walk from Five Mile Line Road east to the four corners of the Village of Webster, turn north to the bike path, and walk back to Five Mile Line Road. You’ll also be able to enter the bike path at Bay Road, walk to the village, go down Ridge Road to Hard Road and then walk to Klem Road.

Assuming the bike path continues to be maintained, this will be a wonderful enhancement to our biking and hiking opportunities in Webster. And FINALLY something’s going to be done to reduce the aggravation that is Ridge Road at rush hour.

* * *

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Webster Mailbag

14 Apr

mailbagI’ve packed a lot into today’s mailbag, partly because when I was at Community Arts Day I picked up special-event informational flyers from several  of the community agencies there. So let’s start with a listing of some of those events, then go on to mulch and drugs.

A Village Idiots Bash Fundraiser will be hosted on Sunday April 23 from 1 to 4 p.m. at The Coach Sports Bar, 19 West Main Street in Webster. Local band Mesh will provide the entertainment to help the Village Idiots raise money to fight cancer. Admission is $5, which includes pizza, raffles, 50/50s and fun with friends new and old.

The Webster Museum and Historical Society will host a special program at the museum on Saturday April 29 beginning at 2 pm. Learn about an actual archaeological dig near Bay Road which has uncovered some Native American artifacts. The museum is located at 18 Lapham Park in the village. For more information, here’s their website.

A donation drive at Savers, 980 Ridge Road in Webster, on May 6 will benefit the Friends of the Webster Library. From 9 am to noon, you can drop off clothes, bags, towels, bedding, hats, curtains and other soft goods, small appliances, tools, toys, kitchen items and games.

The Webster Baptist Church has announced that the next Crop Hunger Walk will take place on Sunday May 7 at the church, 59 South Ave., beginning at 1:30. For more information call Dough Klick at (585) 671-0485.

Mulch is Available at Town Hall

The mulch is back.

Every spring the Webster Highway Department delivers tons of mulch to the parking lot at Town Hall that Webster residents can retrieve for free for home use. This mulch has been composted by the Highway Department for the last year by the Highway employees from leaves picked up from resident’s yards.

They will continue to replenish the pile each day until the tons of mulch are depleted in the upcoming weeks.

Pharmaceutical Waste Pickup is April 29

There will be a pharmaceutical waste pickup at the Wastewater Treatment Plant, 226 Phillips Road, on Saturday, April 29 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Any unused, unwanted or expired medication is taken for disposal. No appointment is necessary.

If you don’t feel comfortable with your personal information on the bottles, you can remove the pills and put them in a plastic bag disposal.

The Town Hall also has a CVS Drug Collection unit at the Webster Town Hall. This permanent pharmaceutical waste drop box can be found inside the Webster Town Hall, located at the Police Department entrance, 1000 Ridge Road, during regular business hours of Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Like with the pharmaceutical waste pickup, items accepted at the drop box include any unused, unwanted or expired medication such as prescriptions, prescription patches, prescription medication, prescription ointments, over-the-counter medications, vitamins, samples and medications for pets.

Items that are NOT accepted include hydrogen peroxide, inhalers, aerosol cans, ointments, lotions, or liquids, thermometers, needles (sharps) and medication from businesses or clinics.

* * *

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Town Hall operations moving for 6 months

11 Apr

town hall

Big things are happening at Town Hall, and if you ever have reason to go there, you’ll want to keep reading.

Town Hall will soon be undergoing some major renovations, including upgrading the police department facilities, building department and assessment areas; enlarging the restrooms and adding a lunchroom for employees; upgrading the building interior; enhancing security; and asbestos abatement.

Renovations will begin later this month, and the building will be closed for six months while they’re being completed.

That means that beginning Friday April 21, the Webster Town Hall building at 1000 Ridge Road will be closed for six months.

While the Town Hall building is closed, all town business will be conducted at 1002 Ridge Road, the Van Ingen Court Building behind Town Hall next to Ridge Park. Long-time residents will remember the building as the old library. You’ll be able to pay your taxes there, get a dog license, apply for a building permit, get assessing papers, and any other business you currently do at Town Hall.

The Webster Police Department, however, will remain open at Town Hall. Of course, if you need emergency assistance, call 9-1-1.

All renovations are expected to be completed by November 1.

For questions, call (585) 872-7068 or email

* * *

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Town Board gets new digs

28 Feb

Somewhere in the back of my brain I knew that the Town offices were getting a face-lift, but I didn’t realize how much until yesterday. Basically, they’re benefiting from maintenance and upgrades that have been needed for a while, and they’re going to look AWESOME.

I learned the details from Supervisor Nesbitt’s most recent column, in which he announced that this Thursday’s Town Board meeting will be held in the brand new board room in the Van Ingen Building (old-timers like me will remember the Van Ingen building as the old library).

According to Nesbitt,

The space is larger to accommodate those times which require more resident participation may be needed. There is new video and audio technology that has been installed that will allow Cable Channel 12 to do more in the way of streaming live and not having residents walk up to the podium when needing to speak.

The Van Ingen building also has a new roof, two new air-conditioning and heating units, a new indoor paint job, and improvements to the Special Police space. Come spring, the Highway Department will be putting in a new sidewalk and curbing and redoing the surface of the parking lot.

You can check out the upgrades yourself by stopping in this Thursday, or watch the board meeting on TV, televised  by Channel 12 at 7:30 p.m.

The improvements are part of a two year town-wide project to update the Town of Webster’s government facilities.

Town Hall is next on the schedule for an upgrade. While work is being completed, all regular Town Hall business will be moved to the Van Ingen building for about 6 months. More details to come about that.


Towards the end of Supervisor Nesbitt’s column, he added a note about the blue recycle bins. Apparently people are calling him to complain about trash blowing out of the bins on windy days and littering their neighborhoods.

Really? This is something that you need to call the supervisor about?

It’s really not the supervisor’s job to remind everyone to weigh down their recyclables on windy mornings, or wait until early morning to put the bin by the curb. He’s got more important things to worry about, and so do we. If trash blows into your yard, pick it up. It’s really not that big a deal, and if that’s the only aggravation in your life these days, count your blessings.

* * *

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Mini mailbag

25 Mar

Before this pre-holiday week overtakes us completely, I wanted to make note of a few notices that have come through my email box.

The first is from the folks at the Town of Webster, who’d like everyone to know that Town Hall will be closed this Friday March 29 in observance of Good Friday. They’ll reopen Monday April 1st (April Fool’s Day — no comments, please) at 8:30 am for regular business.

On Saturday March 30, the community is invited to attend an Easter Bunny Pancake Breakfast at the Webster Columbus Center, 70 Barrett Drive.  The event is being held as a fund-raiser to help Katy Corpus earn her trip as a Student Ambassador with People to People this summer.

In addition to breakfast, the event will feature

  • An Easter egg hunt for children 12 and younger (for children who attend the breakfast only)
  • An adapted egg hunt for children with special needs
  • Pictures with the Easter Bunny
  • Face painting
  • A raffle for an Easter basket filled with goodies

The breakfast will run from 8:30 – 11 am. Pre-sale tickets are $8 for adults and $5 for children, and are available at Computer Works Pro (1991 Empire Blvd., Webster) or online at Tickets will also be available at the door for $10/$7.

Vegan and gluten-free options will also be available.



From the Town of Webster to everyone: Thank you

21 Jan

I am pleased to post the following letter from Webster Supervisor Ron Nesbitt to the Webster community, and everyone else who so selflessly gave their time, talents, and prayers during the very difficult events of Christmas Eve and the weeks that followed:

After the senseless tragedies that happened in the Town of Webster on Christmas Eve where Lieutenant Michael Chiapperini and Tomasz Kaczowka where gunned down and where Joseph Hofstetter and Theodore Scardino were seriously injured, I wanted to come out and personally thank the communities in Monroe County and beyond.

The outpouring of support and caring from all over the community, the United States and the world has been a great inspiration to me and the community of Webster. I, along with the Webster Police Department and the West Webster Fire Department, have received words of sympathy and wisdom from as far away as Australia and world wide.

Locally, County Executive Maggie Brooks stood by with county-wide assistance with any and all help available from county government.  My Supervisor colleagues, mayors, and many other government agencies state wide offered to come to Webster with any and all support necessary to lessen the burden of this tragedy.

On that tragic day I saw firsthand from the command post established on Bay Road just how dedicated the first responders where to this horrific criminal act. New York State Troopers, Sheriff’s Deputies, Border Patrol and other police agencies within Monroe County and New York State worked in tandem to assist with and coordinate the investigation.  Our own Webster Police, devastated with the loss of one of their own, continued to work and assist in doing their jobs in the face of uncontrollable grief.

Fire fighters from the West Webster Fire Department, quite visibly shaken by the loss of two of their fellow firemen, continued to stand by to put out the fires on Lake Road and to be of assistance at the scene. Fire fighters from all over Monroe County assisted West Webster in back filling the station plus providing support where needed.

The Webster Central School District was outstanding in allowing the Webster Police and West Webster Firemen access to Schroeder High School for the calling hours of our fallen heroes and the service for Lt. Chiapperini.  The attendance of the world wide support and lines of grieving community members were testimony to how loved Chip and Tomasz where to everyone in Webster.

We send our love and continued support to fire fighters Ted Scardino and Joe Hofstetter for a continued and speedy recovery.  Thank you also to Greece Police Officer John Ritter for your quick actions on behalf of the Webster community.  I want to reiterate to these brave men that if there is anything that they and their families need, there is more than just the Webster community ready and willing to help them in any way possible.

To the families who lost their homes on Lake Road to the horrific fires – we stand ready to help you rebuild your lives and homes. The Town Board will waive all fees needed to rebuild and many other agencies have offered support and assistance to you in this trying time for you. A complete list of helping builders, electricians, engineers are available at Town Hall. Please contact us for any and all assistance that you need going forward.

Thank you to the many volunteers who donated their time and resources in support of these heroes and their families.  From setting up vigils, to coordinating food efforts and fundraisers; thank you for the support to all the families involved.

Webster’s motto is, “Where Life is Worth Living”, and I wouldn’t change a thing about living here.  However, I do need to thank everyone for coming together in our time of need with your outpouring of support and love for the Webster community – thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

Our town continues to grieve but we will move forward.  We are a resilient community and while we will never forget Chip and Tomasz, the support of our extended community has helped us all to move forward.  Once again, thank you.

Ronald W. Nesbitt, Supervisor

Town of Webster