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Schroeder’s senior courtyard has new, calming water feature

28 Apr

A new water feature just installed in the Webster Schroeder senior courtyard should go a long way to help our students relax and unwind a bit as this difficult school year comes to a close.

The new feature is the beautiful result of a partnership between Webster Schroeder Principal Paul Benz and the Schroeder PTSA. They’ve been working together since September 2019 to beautify and enhance the often-used courtyard.

Schroeder PTSA chair Stacie Peters wrote,

We both wanted a calming water feature for the students to enjoy while outside in the courtyard. We worked with Gary Smith, owner of Nature’s Accents, and we decided a bubbling rock feature would be perfect for this space. Gary was wonderful to work with and students/staff are so happy with the results.

PTSA representatives, Smith, Principal Benz, and several student and parent volunteers worked together one day over Spring Break to create the feature, prepping the area for bubbling rock, laying stone around a trio of pottery art pieces and trees, and creating a separate area for teachers to use as an outdoor classoom.

“A huge thanks go to our volunteers Andy P., Sawyer P., Ryan P., Robin M., Benjamin M., Jack S., Brendan M.,
Sean S., Zach P., Abby N., Jason L., Sophie W., Stephen W., and Jake M.,” Peters wroite. Plus, “we can’t thank (Gary Smith) enough for all his patience, time, and support in helping us bring this water feature to Schroeder.”

Seniors are already enjoying the newly beautified courtyard, soaking up the sun and relaxing by the water feature, reveling in the new, peaceful corner of their high school world.

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New bench at Milton Case Park honors beloved WCSD staff member

24 Apr
The new bench is located behind Spry Middle School at the entrance to Milton Case Park.

Nature lovers who enjoy walking the trails of Milton Case Park in the Village of Webster have a brand new place to sit and relax.

A new bench has just been installed at the northernmost entrance to the park, behind Spry Middle School, thanks to the efforts of Girl Scout Troop 60672.

The girls built the bench as part of their Silver Award Project. It wasn’t their original idea to build a bench, but when the pandemic hit they came up with a more appropriate project, and a perfect way to honor the memory of a very special WCSD staff member, Tammy Serio-Miller.

Serio-Miller was a nurse in the Webster Central School District for many years, including at Spry, until she passed away last October. A Webster resident, she enjoyed walking in the woods behind Spry. So the girls built the bench especially in her memory, but also as a way to honor all of the nurses and health care workers who have worked so hard during the pandemic.

The bench was dedicated in a short ceremony last week. WROC-TV Channel 8 was there; click here to see their story.

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Help this school year end on a high note: Adopt a Senior!

23 Apr

This awful pandemic has affected all of our students — young and old, elementary, middle and high school. But arguably those who have been most affected are our current seniors, the class of 2021. They’ve lost out on so many of their rites of passage, starting last year with their junior prom.

To help soften the blow and to show how proud we are of these young people, the Webster Central PTSA has organized an Adopt-a-Senior program. The idea is to “adopt” a senior from Webster Thomas or Schroeder high school, and surprise him or her with a care package or some other memorable gift. There really are no guidelines, no minimum or maximums and no mandatory purchase items. It’s all about having fun and bringing a smile to a senior’s face.

Since the program was launched last week, most seniors have been adopted. But as of yesterday there were still 77 at Schroeder, eight at Thomas, and four GOAL students still needing adoption.

Signing up is easy. Just click this link, which will bring you to a form where you can choose your student. Once you’ve signed up, the organizers will send a waiver form, followed by an email with information regarding your adopted senior(s). You can contact the parents if you’d like additional information about the student.

Then, just put together your surprise and deliver it to the senior.

If you have any questions about the program email

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News about pews from Barry’s Old School Irish

22 Apr
Jessica and Danny Barry standing by the new pews.

Our favorite Webster Irish pub has just become a lot more … Irish.

Tuesday afternoon, in about three hours’ time, Danny and Jessica Barry — and especially Jess’s mom Debbie — installed several new (or rather, old) actual church pews in Barry’s Old School Irish on Main St. in Webster.

They got the pews from the New Beginnings Christian Fellowship Church in Brockport. Danny told me they’ve been looking for pews for several years, and were thrilled to finally find some. As an added bonus, they came with green cushions already attached. They’ve been installed along the front window and back wall of the bakery side of the pub, and near the side door.

The inspiration to add pews, Danny said, came from a pub he and Jess visited on one of their trips to Ireland about eight years ago, only two years after opening their own pub.

“It was a great Irish Pub in Dingle, County Kerry, called Dick Mack’s,” Danny said.

This pub, which I believe was established back in the 1800’s, had the perfect combination of live Irish session music, a whiskey selection that showcased the entire Emerald Isle, and most importantly was filled with so many welcoming and smiling faces that you couldn’t help but feel at home.

(Sound anything like a little pub we have here in Webster?)

Danny and Jess in front of Dick Mack’s

The pews will increase the amount of seating at Barry’s, but more importantly, they help make Barry’s Old School Irish even more Irish, if that’s possible.

“(The pews) allow us to dig even deeper into our niche and showcase the love we all share for our Irish heritage which has been constant goal of ours since opening back in 2011,” Danny said.

Danny and Jess have several other goals this spring, including adding a fire pit on the patio, adding more kitchen equipment, updating their signage, looking for more ways to distribute their Vanilla Bean Irish Cream, resuming their live music, and planning for the 2nd annual Barry’s Irish Festival this summer.

It so happens that the first people in the pub Tuesday evening after the installation were several members of Barry’s Runners, who were gathering for their weekly run. As they were the first patrons to try out the new seating, I asked Barry’s Runner Charlene Sudore if they were comfortable.

“They’re pews. They’re not supposed to be comfortable,” she quipped. “They’re meant to keep you from falling asleep.”

True. But I think Barry’s patrons will find the new seats plenty comfortable, and I don’t expect there will be a whole lot of napping going on.

A final note from Danny:

We’re excited for all our new additions but as always it’s the people that fill these walls with love and laughter that are most important and make this place truly special. We can’t thank our community and our Pub Family enough for the support we’ve received these past 10 years and especially in the midst of the pandemic. It’s exciting to continue to grow here at Barry’s Old School Irish and can’t wait for all the great memories we’re sure to make together in the times ahead.

Several Barry’s Runners were the first to try out the new seating arrangement

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More thoughts from another trail

21 Apr

Last Sunday was a perfect day for a walk. It was spectacularly sunny (for a change), not too cold and not too warm. My husband and I took advantage of the unusually pleasant spring day to visit a Webster park he had never been to, and which I haven’t hiked in about five years: Four Mile Creek Preserve.

This is a beautiful natural area situated at the corner of Phillips Rd. and Lake Rd., at the very north end of town. It’s got a spacious parking lot and about 3 miles of trails. And you don’t have to travel very far down those trails before all the traffic sounds from Lake Rd. fade away and all you can hear are bird calls and the burbling waters of Salt Creek and Four Mile Creek. Plus, there are a few unexpected surprises along the trail which I won’t divulge.

It’s a great place to enjoy nature and reflect on the beauty of our town, and especially of our trails.

And that thought brought me to where it often does when I’m hiking our local trails: appreciating the awesome job the Friends of Webster Trails does. If it were not for the tireless dedication of this all-volunteer organization, we would not have been hiking Four Mile Creek that day.

I remembered back a while ago when, in my monthly Friends newsletter, I read that membership in the organization numbered about 200.

I thought it was a misprint, and they meant to write 2000. Because I KNOW that more than 200 people a year use Webster’s awesome trails — trails that are so awesome BECAUSE of the Friends, who spend hours every summer to create new trails, improve existing trails, remove invasive vegetation, install signage, and build bridges.

And it’s not just about the trails they’ve created and keep cleared. I mean, have you ever checked out one of the maps posted on a trail to see where you are? You can thank the Friends for that. Ever glanced at a blaze to make sure you’re still on track? Thank the Friends. Ever relaxed on a bench or paused at an overlook platform or walked across a bridge? The Friends work with local Boy Scouts to build these structures.

The grunt work is completed by volunteers, but a lot of the improvements cost money. So far the Friends have accomplished amazing things with the limited funds they have. Just think about what they could do if 100 or 200 more families would throw them $10 or $15 to become members. (P.S. that’s all it costs.)

If you’re not familiar with all of the terrific trails we have here in Webster, check out the Friends of Webster Trails website, then get out there and start exploring. If you ARE already a fan of our trails, please consider dropping $10 for a single membership or $15 for a family. Your donation will go a long way toward helping these fine folks help US enjoy our town’s natural beauty for years to come.

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Celebrate Earth Day with the Webster Public Library

20 Apr

This Thursday, April 22 is Earth Day, and the Webster Public Library is taking the opportunity to help everyone help our Earth.

To celebrate Earth Day, the library is inviting everyone to bring in recyclable materials, which they’ll collect and turn over to the appropriate agencies. Not only will doing so keep these materials out of the landfills, but many of them can be reused almost immediately in our very own community.

The materials they’re looking for include:

  • bubble wrap and packing materials for Bella’s Bumbas
  • eyeglasses and hearing aids for the Webster Lions Club
  • ink cartridges, cell phones and tablets for the Friends of WPL fundraising program (no computers, please)
  • wrapping paper tubes, tissue paper and movie candy boxes for the WPL children’s program
  • used books for WPL book sales
  • magazines to share
  • road maps for crafts
  • seeds for the library’s seed catalog

You can drop off any of these items at the library on Earth Day, Thursday April 22, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

While you’re at the library, don’t forget to check out the Art Gallery Wall. After taking a long break during the pandemic, it’s back again, and this month features Webster resident Mary Coy. Her display, called “Two Passions,” features digital bird drawings/paintings and aluminum relief creations.

The gallery will be updated every month, featuring photography or artwork by Webster residents.

The Webster Public Library is located at 980 Ridge Rd., at the back of Webster Plaza.

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Cobblestone on Main is finally opening!

17 Apr

I’m pleased to share some very exciting news with everyone today. Finally, after months of anticipation, the new Cobblestone on Main restaurant, at 109 W. Main St., will be opening for business this Thursday, April 22.

This news has been a long time coming. The Cobblestone is the culmination of a dream for Dan Bresnahan and his daughter Sarah, who are teaming up to run the new establishment. They were originally hoping to open a month or more ago, but you know how it is when you start a new business. especially a restaurant. There are a lot of unexpected hurdles, paperwork that needs to be done, approvals to be secured.

But all of that is finally in the past, and this Thursday at 4 p.m., The Cobblestone on Main will open its doors to a very welcoming Webster community.

I’m certain that everyone will be delighted and charmed by what they find. The Cobblestone on Main has a very family-friendly feel, with a homespun decor which includes things like family recipes wrapped around the candles on every table. The focus is on casual dining. “We want it to be family-friendly and date-night worthy,” Dan said, to which Sarah added, “Somewhere where you can come where we do our best to remember your name and what you drink.”

There are two main dining rooms on the first floor, with a dozen tables and several booths. On the lower floor, at parking-lot level, is another, smaller room with three large-screen TVs, and a larger room which will serve as the restaurant’s event space (which is already booked into the summer months, so call early to reserve your spot). That’s enough room to sit 110 people in Covid-appropriate comfort.

Dan describes the menu as “traditional American fare with a gastro-pub twist.” Diners will discover some unusual approaches to familiar dishes like nachos and chicken wings, and “bold flavor combinations.” He’s particularly proud of his chef. “He’s a creative chef who’s put a great team together,” he said. “The talent in the kitchen is very strong.”

That strength is obvious as well in the serving staff. “I don’t think I’ve ever worked with a group of people who are so passionate and excited about” their jobs, Sarah said.

“We want our restaurant to be a place where everyone feels comfortable coming,” Da

n said. “We want it to be an experrience when you come here.”

But more than anything, Dan and Sarah are excited about becoming an integral part of the Webster community. That’s especially true after seeing the unbelievable community support they’ve received, even before officially opening.

So I guess they already know we’re all thrilled to have them here in town. But it’s worth saying, anyway.

Welcome to Webster, Cobblestone on Main. We wish you many successful years ahead.

The Cobblestone on Main will hold a soft opening on Wednesday night, when Dan and Sarah will host all the friends, family, vendors, and construction workers who helped them make their dream a reality. The restaurant will open to the public this Thursday April 22 from 4 p.m. to midnight.

For more information about The Cobblestone on Main restaurant check their Facebook page. They will NOT BE taking reservations, so if you’d like to check them out anytime soon, make sure you get there early or plan on waiting a bit.

And if you’d like to read the first blog I wrote back in January about this great new restaurant, click here.

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More details about Schroeder Drama’s The Addams Family

17 Apr

I just got an email yesterday with some more details about Webster Schroeder’s performance of The Addams Family next weekend.

Shows are scheduled for Friday April 23 at 7:30 p.m. and Saturday April 24 at 2 and 7:30 p.m. Of course, thanks to Covid, they can’t open up the auditorium to packed audiences, so they’ve arranged to live-stream each performance, which should be just as enjoyable as the in-person experience (plus, you don’t even have to leave your living room!).

You can purchase live-stream tickets by clicking here. You won’t even have to print off a ticket. Instead, you’ll receive an email with a StreamPass code. Simply click the code link and you’re in. Tickets are $10 each.

Here’s the awesome cast:

Gomez Addams………………………………………..Brendan Mathewson
Morticia Addams……………………………………..Lauren Farrow
Uncle Fester…………………………………………….Jake Horton
Wednesday Addams………………………………..Aydan Baier
Pugsley Addams………………………………………Michael Sofia
Grandma…………………………………………………Bridget McNamara
Lurch……………………………………………………….David Lynch
Lucas Beinecke………………………………………..Zach Gibson
Mal Beinecke…………………………………………..Theo Guth
Alice Beinecke………………………………………….Sara Kidane


Maggie Anderson, Aidan Jacobs, Anika Peterson, Jack Baker, Hunter Lane, Tony Pellegrino, Liam Cornish, Samantha Morgan, Georgie Prevosti, Sydney Enright, Sam Nagar, Devon Proia, Carenza Glastonbury, Andrew Painton, Maya Richards, Amelya Harris, Ryan Parody, Tyler Young and Kenzie Harris

Make it a night (or afternoon) out (so to speak). Grab a drink and some snacks, pull up a couch, and enjoy a terrific production by some very talented high school students who’ve been working very hard to bring some laughter to all of us during these difficult days.

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Young artists create a garden on Baker St.

15 Apr

Do you know what our kids were doing around this time last spring? Chalking beautiful pictures on our sidewalks and driveways, turning our neighborhoods into art galleries. For a while it seemed that around every corner was a colorful new surprise — a rainbow, flower, smiley face, or inspirational message. The artwork was a welcome distraction from the stresses we were feeling from the worsening pandemic.

Well, I’m pleased to report that the artists are back. They’ve returned to Baker St. in the village, anyway. When my husband and I were taking our after-dinner walk last night, we came up Baker and were delighted to find that some artist — or artists — had chalked flowers along almost the entire length of sidewalk.

We counted more than 75 flowers, one on each sidewalk block. It must have taken a lot of time. And a lot of chalk.

This spring, fortunately, is not dawning as dismally as it did last year. Things finally seem to be inching back toward normal again. So we really don’t need the distraction as much.

But I for one am delighted to see it. Thank you, young artists.

* * *

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Webster community mailbag

14 Apr

It’s spring musical season at the high schools!

Webster Schroeder High School has announced that their production of The Addams Family will be staged on Friday April 23 at 7:30 p.m., and Saturday April 24 at 2 and 7:30 p.m.

They’re hoping to accommodate small audiences at these performances, but most patrons will be able to see the production live through a professional streaming service. Tickets for that will be available beginning this Friday April 16 at Tickets are $10 each.

Some of the accommodations Schroeder Drama has made for their musical this year include a smaller cast, having no permanent on-stage set, which allows for social distancing, and having the orchestra perform from the band room. The actors and musicians have had to deal with a lot of challenges to bring The Addams Family to the stage, so consider grabbing a ticket to show your support!

Stay tuned for more details about Webster Thomas’ spring play, Cabaret, scheduled for June 17 to 19 at the Penfield Amphitheatre. (Now THAT’S a creative way to beat Covid.) All shows will begin at 7:30 and tickets will be $12. Tickets will go on sale the beginning of May.

St. Martin Lutheran Church’s Spring Chicken BBQ will be held Saturday May 1 from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. at the church, 813 Bay Rd.

The event will feature dinners of ½ chicken, salt potatoes, coleslaw, roll, and butter for $10.00.

The event this year will be drive-through only, first come, first serve, with no advance sales. Cars will enter the parking lot, follow signs, and purchase dinners using exact payment. Cars will then proceed to the front entrance to pick up boxed dinners. Dinners will be assembled according to CDC recommendations. Due to current health restrictions, pie slices and other desserts will not be available.

Proceeds will support St. Martin’s Christmas Stocking Project, which reaches more than 500 local youth in Monroe and Wayne counties.

Congratulations to Dr. Peter Pellitieri of Webster Dental Arts, who was recently named the Webster Chamber of Commerce 2021 Businessperson of the Year.

Pellitieri is a very active member of the Webster Community, a father, husband, business owner, volunteer, and philanthropist. He’s the founder and practitioner at Webster Dental Arts, located in the North Forest office park on Crosspointe Lane. He is an active member of St. Paul’s Church, serving as a lector and Eucharistic Minister. He is a member and past Grand Knight in the Knights of Columbus as well a past Faithful Navigator. He is also very involved in the Kiwanis Club of Webster, serving locally as a committee member and advisor for youth and adult leadership programs including K-Kids and the Aktion Club for adults with developmental disabilities; co-chairing the Kiwanis Christmas Party, serving approximately 100 local children and adults with developmental disabilities and Co-Chair of the Kiwanis Easter Egg Hunt.

The presentation was made at the Chamber’s monthly breakfast meeting and was presented by Barry Howard, President/CEO of the Webster Chamber of Commerce and Diane McClure, Chair of the Chamber’s Board of Directors.

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