Help this school year end on a high note: Adopt a Senior!

23 Apr

This awful pandemic has affected all of our students — young and old, elementary, middle and high school. But arguably those who have been most affected are our current seniors, the class of 2021. They’ve lost out on so many of their rites of passage, starting last year with their junior prom.

To help soften the blow and to show how proud we are of these young people, the Webster Central PTSA has organized an Adopt-a-Senior program. The idea is to “adopt” a senior from Webster Thomas or Schroeder high school, and surprise him or her with a care package or some other memorable gift. There really are no guidelines, no minimum or maximums and no mandatory purchase items. It’s all about having fun and bringing a smile to a senior’s face.

Since the program was launched last week, most seniors have been adopted. But as of yesterday there were still 77 at Schroeder, eight at Thomas, and four GOAL students still needing adoption.

Signing up is easy. Just click this link, which will bring you to a form where you can choose your student. Once you’ve signed up, the organizers will send a waiver form, followed by an email with information regarding your adopted senior(s). You can contact the parents if you’d like additional information about the student.

Then, just put together your surprise and deliver it to the senior.

If you have any questions about the program email

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