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Yet more recognition for Barry’s Pub

8 Sep

barry's old schoolOur very own Barry’s Old School Irish has garnered yet another people’s choice award for being one of the best pubs around.

In a recent rating sponsored by Yelp.com and reported in Newyorkupstate.com, Barry’s was ranked #6 out of the top 27 best pubs/bars/eateries in Upstate New York.  The ranking was based on reviews, star rating, age of business and recency of reviews.

This isn’t the first time Barry’s has landed on a “best of” list, but it’s their highest place yet. Last March a Yelp.com survey ranked Barry’s at #45 on a list of the top 50 pubs in the United States for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. And earlier this year, their recognition became international when the London-based Irish Post ranked Barry’s #17 on a list of the “Top 32 Irish Pubs in America.”

Pub owner Danny Barry had this to say on Facebook about the most recent award:

This place sure has some magic in it! 7 years ago when we opened Barry’s Old School Irish at 20 and 24 years old we just had a dream. After getting married and honeymooning in Ireland, we wanted to open a little sanctuary of sorts where people could come on a good day or a bad day. Provide comfort and camaraderie in a pretty crazy world. Represent our proud Irish heritage to the best of our ability.

In that 7 years we have met so many wonderful people that have quickly become family to us. Rooting us on as we have brought 3 crazy kiddos into this world and helping us forge a community here at Barry’s built on love and friendship. Thank you to everyone who calls this little Irish Pub home. Thank you to our family, staff, and community for continuing to make Barry’s Old School Irish truly special.

Click here to see what other pubs landed on the list.

Barry’s Old School Irish is located at 2 West Main Street in the Village of Webster.

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There’s a new chicken in town

23 Jun

IMG_8693So have you seen the handsome new rooster that’s standing outside BC’s Chicken Coop on West Main Street?

At six feet tall, and made of metal, he’s really colorful, and his name is Tucker.

The story about how Tucker came to grace the Coop’s front sidewalk is a delightful one. My daughter Erin, who writes the Village Beat column for the Webster Herald, dug up the details, and wrote:

Tucker is named for Brian Tucker, a good friend and customer of the Coop who had recently reached out to Brandie and Chris with an offer to help. While they appreciated it, they hadn’t any need for his services. Still, Brian wanted to help somehow, and recently there had been a post on the restaurant’s Facebook page referencing a rather large metal rooster.

Now, Chris and Brandie had been eyeing the bird, but unfortunately couldn’t bring themselves to go and buy it from Tractor Supply. Then they got a call from Brian.

Wanting to help somehow, Brian bought the rooster himself from Tractor Supply, much to the surprise of those at the Coop who had been busy working at the time. They had no idea what was happening until they simply got the call from Brian telling them to make their way out to Tractor Supply and pick up their newly-acquired rooster.

Tucker is just the latest addition to what has become THE place to go in the village of Webster for great fried chicken and ribs (and lots more, like their cornbread, which is my favorite).

Owners Christina Wasson and Brandie Rauber moved to their current location at 159 West Main Street last July after spending six and a half years at a much smaller location on South Avenue. They — and their business — have weathered a lot while building their business, and through it all have become strong supporters of our Webster community.

It’s great to see them getting back some of that love in return.

Stop by BC’s Chicken Coop sometime and say hi to Tucker. Then stop in and get some awesome fried chicken.

* * *

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Webster Community Blood Drive returns this week

4 Jun

blood drive

The Webster Community Blood Drive – the best blood drive EVER — will return to St. Paul’s Church and the Webster Rec Center this week.

It’s perfect timing, too, as the American Red Cross has just announced there’s an urgent need for blood donors to give now to help prevent a summer blood shortage. Blood and platelet donations often decline around holidays like Memorial Day and when regular donors are vacationing and schools are out of session.

This week’s drive is a great way to help out.

The semi-annual two-day blood drive, heralded by the huge white signs placed all around town, is always one of the most popular and best attended drives of the entire year. It stands out among all others by the tremendous support it receives from Webster businesses.

And the reason it’s so popular is all the GOODIES that donors receive at this drive. For starters, every presenting donor will be handed ten raffle tickets, which can be used to take chances on more than 30 different prizes provided by local businesses.

The raffle prizes at this week’s drive include:

  • Gift certificates from Barry’s Old School Irish
  • Beauty products from Beyond Cuts Salon
  • Gift certificates from The Chicken Coop
  • Gift card from Eastway Liquor
  • Gift cards from Kittelberger Florist
  • Grumblers and pint glasses from Knucklehead Craft Brewing
  • Free month of classes from Matsunami Karate
  • Gift certificate from Natural Alternatives
  • Gift certificate from Rubino’s
  • Gift basket from Schutt’s Apple Mill
  • 10 free classes from Strike Back Martial Arts 
  • Hampton Bay Ceiling lamp from The Garage Sale Store
  • A free ice cream cake from The Goodie Shoppe
  • Free month’s membership from World Gym

A special thank you to our newest business sponsors, who kindly donated these prizes to the cause:

  • Two free classes from ROC & Soul Fitness
  • Gift certificate from Carl’s Pizza Kitchen
  • Gift certificate from Ploty’s Hometown Tavern
  • Gift certificate from Webster Hots
  • Gift certificate from The Filling Station Pub & Grill

posterOne of the most popular coupons of all — from Bruster’s — will also be back.  Every presenting donor will receive Bruster’s “Pint for a Pint” coupon, good for a free pint of ice cream or a free ice cream cone.

Wait! There’s  more! On top of all that, each donor will also be handed a free t-shirt from the Red Cross (while supplies last). Even more prizes and give-aways are expected to be added to the list, so make sure to be there.

The Webster Community Blood Drive is scheduled for Wednesday June 6 at St. Paul’s Church, 783 Hard Road, and Thursday June 7 at the Webster Recreation Center, 1350 Chiyoda Drive, from noon to 7 pm each day. You can make an appointment by calling 1-800-REDCROSS (1-800-733-2767) or by logging onto http://www.redcrossblood.org. Walk-ins are also welcome.

* * *

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Help out puppies in need next week

16 Feb

A couple of fun events coming up I want to throw out there today.

I just saw this notice on Facebook from Knucklehead Craft Brewing in West Webster:

Did you know Friday February 23 is International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day? To celebrate, stop in to Knucklehead on Wednesday, 2/21/18 and bring a pre-packed dog biscuit treat for your chance to Spin The Wheel and win a prize. No cost needed other than your donation of a pre-packed dog biscuit treat. We will donate all packages to Lollypop Farm to share with their dogs!

Remember that you’ll only be able to spin the wheel if you bring in your dog biscuits on Wednesday February 21. But it’s OK if you want to bring them on International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day on Friday as well. I mean, you gotta celebrate, right? And I’m sure they’ll go to a good home.

Knucklehead Craft Brewing is located at 426 Ridge Road in West Webster (at the corner of Bay).

* * *


Some of the cast: (Front) Ryan Parody and Carenza Glastonbury. (Back) Anna Holley, Lizzy Clark, Cameron Stone, Madeleine Tischner, Analiesse Brown, and Lily Ippolito. 

Rock & roll comes to the Spry Middle School Stage on March 9 and 10 when the Spry Drama Club presents Bye Bye Birdie Jr.

Broadway audiences have been long familiar with this family-friendly, upbeat comedy about rock & roll idol Conrad Birdie and his star-struck fans. The dancing is fun, the music is infectious and the laughs are plentiful.

Bye Bye Birdie Jr. will be staged in three performances on Friday, March 9 at 7:30 p.m. and Saturday, March 10 at 2:30 and 7:30 p.m. in the Spry Middle School Auditorium, 119 South Avenue.  Advance tickets are $7 each, and the shows are expected to sell out (it’s a small auditorium). Tickets go on sale February 26. Click here to get yours. If any remain, they will be sold at the door.

* * *

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The Filling Station is open for dinner!

7 Feb


After what seemed like forever, the news everyone has been waiting for has finally come — The Filling Station will finally be open for lunch — AND dinner — starting this evening.

That is, barring unseen complications or a snowstorm keeping them from driving to Buffalo and picking up their liquor license this morning. But Wendy assures me there’s no way that’s going to happen. Sounds like they would hire an actual snowplow to get there and back if need be.

For the last three days the new pub and grill at 77 East Main Street has only been open for lunch, lacking that magical liquor license. But even so, they saw a steady stream of customers, old and new friends showing their love and support.

And they’re very appreciative.

So starting today, the new Filling Station hours will be Monday and Tuesday 11 a.m to 11 p.m., Wednesday through Saturday 11 to midnight and Sundays noon to 11.

Connect with them on Facebook and on the web.

* * *

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Good news from the Filling Station

3 Feb


This is news everyone has been waiting for … sort of.

The new Filling Station Pub and Grill will open beginning tomorrow, Sunday February 4, for lunches only. They’re still working on getting a transfer of their liquor license, so thy can’t serve liquor yet, but hopefully that will also happen soon.

So for right now, hours will be Monday to Saturday 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Sunday noon to 5 p.m.

The Filling Station is located at 77 East Main Street in the old Burger King/Original Mac and Cheez building.

* * *

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The new Filling Station nears completion

9 Dec

filling station

I have been negligent.

Back in October I wrote a teaser blog about the fact that the Filling Station Pub & Grill is moving into town from East Ridge Road into the old Burger King/Original Mac and Cheez restaurant on East Main Street. I promised a follow-up blog not long afterwards. But it has been a long-time coming.

Better late than never, let me tell you about this great new addition to the village

The Filling Station, if you’re not familiar with it, used to be located at 1839 Ridge Road, almost as far east as Wayne County. It’s long been a favorite gathering place for its casual atmosphere and extensive food and drink menus (especially the wings).

The family owned-and-operated Filling Station has been around for years, and if you’re not familiar with it, that’s probably because it was pretty much out in the middle of nowhere. In a few weeks, though, that’s going to change. By the end of this month — hopefully sometime the week of December 18, actually — the doors will officially open to the new Filling Station at 77 East Main Street in the village of Webster.

Back in October, I spoke with front-end manager Wendy Antes, who told me that one of the main reasons for the move was so they could expand.

“It’s 1200 square feet bigger,” she said. “We’re going to be able to offer more booth seating, which people have been asking for. There will be one booth, actually, that fits 12 to 15 people.”

The new location will offer about 30 more seats than the current pub has, and doubles the bar seating. All in all, that means seating for about 120 people.

Finding the right place in Webster was also a big goal.

“We grew up in Webster,” Wendy said. “I’ve lived in Webster my whole life. We wanted to expand but still stay small. We looked at a lot of different spaces, including one other place in Webster and a few east of town.”

But when she and her brother Alan saw the old Burger King, they knew it was perfect. “It was like, we could envision everything. We could envision exactly where we wanted to put everything.”

When it’s finally open, the new restaurant will sport a beautiful L-shaped bar, with 20 taps — eight more than they have now — dispensing local and regional craft brews. The kids will enjoy an old fashioned game room, and their own “kids eat free” night. The decor will still favor New York sports teams, and a lot of the memorabilia will be moving with them to the new location. And there will still be a lot of TVs so diners can enjoy anything from weather reports to sports to newscasts.

Most importantly, though, the Filling Station’s menu will be coming to the new place as well.

“All of our wonderful specials will follow from the other Filling Station to this Filling Station,” Wendy promised. “The menu will stay the same, and we’ll have a lot of new specials on top of our regular menu.”   

And they’re already looking to the future. Eventually they hope to add a deck in front for outdoor seating, and another small deck out back. Perhaps next winter there might even be an enclosed area where the drive through is, complete with fireplaces.  

There’s still quite a bit of work to be done, but the week of December 18th still seems like a reasonable goal. (Right now both places are closed; the last day at the old restaurant was November 29.) You can keep tabs on the progress on the Filling Station website and Facebook page. In the meantime, take a look at some of these photos, which Wendy was kind enough to send along. 

* * *

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The new Filling Station just weeks away

24 Oct

This empty restaurant will soon be the new Filling Station Pub & Grill. 

Have you heard this exciting news from East Main Street? The Filling Station Pub & Grill will soon be moving from their current location on Ridge Road (near County Line) to the old Burger King/Original Mac and Cheez restaurant.

I spoke with the restaurant’s front-end manager Wendy Antes a short time ago, who didn’t give me a lot of details yet, but I do know they hope to open by the end of November. In the meantime, work is proceeding apace. It doesn’t look like much right now, but when it’s done it’s going to be a very popular addition to our village.

Stay tuned for a more complete blog about this exciting development.

* * *

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It doesn’t look like much yet, but workers are in there pretty much every day transforming the space.

Webster Hots has new owners

14 Jun

Webster Hots’ new owners Kelly and Bill Mutschler, with their son Aidan.

Have you driven down Webster’s East Main Street lately?

Lately it’s been looking like a ghost town, with more “For Rent” signs than “Open for Business” signs in the storefront windows. Aside from the fact there’s usually a lot of good parking spaces available, there seem to be fewer reasons every day to head down there.

Bill and Kelly Mutschler, the new owners of Webster Hots, want to change that.

The Webster residents took ownership of the restaurant just a few weeks ago. For Bill, who was looking for a career change, it was the culmination of a long-time dream to open his own small business in Webster. When he and Kelly, found out that Webster Hots was for sale, they jumped on the opportunity.

Bill and Kelly decided to keep the name Webster Hots because that’s what people have come to know. But they readily admit they’re fighting against the negative reputation hots places can sometimes have of being small, and dark and catering to the young, late-night crowd who only want plates.

They want to be known for more than just plates. But don’t get them wrong. “I think our plates are really good,” Bill said, made better in that they make their hot sauce and mac salad on site. But he points out that their menu features so much more.

There are burgers and dogs, of course. But there are also plenty of sandwiches, wraps, appetizers, and even a beer-battered fish fry. Plus, they’re already planning to expand that menu, adding more options for kids, among other things.  And it’s all served in a bright, spacious environment.

Then there’s the ice cream. “The village has been missing ice cream since Hank’s left,” Bill noted, so the Mutschlers know how important it was to bring it back. They’re especially proud to have been able to contract with Purity Ice Cream, a very well-known and highly respected shop in Ithaca. (And if the sea salt caramel is any indication, it’s pretty fantastic.)

As Webster residents, Bill and Kelly are already involved with the village, but now they want to make sure that community connection also extends to their new business. They’re hoping especially to build stronger ties with the high schools, and start hanging photos of local sports teams and businesses. You can also expect to see them getting involved with village events like the Wine Walks and the Jazz Fest.

So when you walk into the new Webster Hots, you actually won’t see many differences … yet. But rest assured that now that Bill and Kelly Mutschler are at the helm, Webster Hots is stronger than ever, a great family spot for lunch or dinner, and will definitely help revitalize East Main Street.

Webster Hots is located at 55 East Main Street in the village of Webster. Connect with them on Facebook and call (585) 265-0824. 

* * *

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insideWH storefront



Forget the snow. Village announces spring and summer events

15 Mar


Despite what we might see piled high in our yards right now, spring is really right around the corner, which means that summer is not far behind.

That was confirmed for me a few days ago when I got my first event round-up email from Robyn Whittaker of the Webster BID, that local business organization that sponsors all of our favorite village events.

Here’s a quick look at what they have planned:

  • Saturday March 11: Village Idiots Relay for Life Team Pasta Dinner at the Fireman’s Exempt building from 4 to 7 p.m.
  • Saturday May 13: Gear Up!, a bicycle event supporting Rotary International and sponsored by Webster Rotary, Webster Chamber of Commerce, Webster Town and Friends of Webster Trails kicks off Mother’s Day weekend. Choose a 53 mile, 26.5 mile or the family-friendly 5-mile ride.
  • July 21 and 22: Webster Jazz Festival in the pubs and on Main Street.
  • June 30: Friday Night Concerts begin in the gazebo.
  • July 13: Movie nights in the park begin, this year once again featuring the Saturday Classic Movie Night.
  • September 9-10: The Garlic Festival returns to the Webster Parks and Recreation Department

Also watch for details about a Wine Walk, a wine and food pairing event a craft beer festival, a “bourbon blitz,” and of course the Trick or Treat Trail and White Christmas in the Village.

Put everything on your calendar, and see you there!

* * *

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