Webster’s Show Choir takes top honors at Disney

3 May

Last weekend, many of our Webster Schroeder music students traveled to Walt Disney World in Orlando to participate in the annual Festival Disney.  Several performance groups were represented, including the Webster Show Choir, comprised of students from both Thomas and Schroeder high schools.

Yesterday I received a press release from Show Choir Director Laura D’Angelo letting me know that along with a few sunburns, lots of souvenirs and tons of great memories, these kids also brought back some pretty impressive bling.

Festival Disney allows high school performing groups from around the country to perform for a panel of three eminent college professors, who provide constructive feedback in the form of a brief clinic. At the event last Saturday, 45 choirs were adjudicated in various aspects of performance and given final numeric scores reflecting overall level of preparation and competence.

Of the 15 “Specialty Choirs” represented, Webster achieved the highest ratings of “Gold” and “Best In Class” with an average rating of 97. This was not only the highest score in the Specialty Choirs class, but the highest overall score among all 45 choirs of all classes. The adjudicators also made special mention of the show choir’s pit band, unique among the 15 choirs in their class.

Proud directors: Kim Eckler and Laura D’Angelo

Webster Show Choir is an auditioned extra-curricular group which meets for one two hour rehearsal per week for eight months of the year.  The students from Show Choir who attended this festival were:  Brianna Adams; Stephen Adams; Hayley Alexander; Dan Bennett; Abby Blackmon; Hannah Boddery; Jon Christiano; Tom Curran; Kayleigh DeBrine; Jordan Diggory; Emma Germano; Tim Hight; Gabby Jerzak; Carson Klasner; Selene Klasner; Diana Lohrman; Alec Nevin; Dan Parry; Justin Smith; Allison Snavely; Hadley Strelau; Evan Sundquist; Paul Urriola; and Julian Wicks.

The pit band included: Nick Mastrolonardo and John Killigrew, Trumpet; Frank Regelski, Tenor Sax; Zak Smith, Bass; and Kevin Killigrew, Drums.

Congratulations to all the performers, and Show Choir directors Laura D’Angelo and Kim Eckler for this terrific accomplishment. You made Webster proud again.

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