Follow updates on Bay Bridge closures through Twitter

18 May

This note came across my email box yesterday, courtesy Webster Chamber of Commerce president Barry Howard:

Many of you may have heard already, or you will be reading about it soon, that a major NYS Department of Transportation project to replace the expansion joints on the Bay Bridge will be taking place over the next few months.

This project will require significant lane reductions and that the bridge be closed periodically, sometimes overnight during the week and at least 4 times this summer for a whole weekend (9:00PM on a Friday until 9:00PM on a Sunday). When the bridge is closed it will be in one direction or the other; either westbound (Webster to Irondequoit) will be closed OR eastbound (Irondequoit to Webster) will be closed. Provisions are being made for emergencies and for some critical emergency traffic.

This project does not allow for a fixed timeline so it is NOT POSSIBLE to tell you what the entire schedule will look like for the next few months – we do not know exactly which days lanes will be closed and /or which nights or weekends the bridge will be closed. The schedule will be driven by work completion and the DOT will provide as much notice as possible for lane reductions and closures.

Because we don’t have a fixed schedule, the Webster Chamber has started a Twitter account for you to follow what is happening on the bridge. The Twitter account is @104Bridge and you can sign up for a twitter account that will notify you via email or text message by going to

The Chamber will tweet information provided to us from NYS DOT and we will re-tweet on each of the days with affected lane reductions or closures to remind you and keep you informed of bridge plans.

The detour for times when the bridge is closed will be Bay Road and Empire Blvd – to be used during closures in either direction. Westbound traffic will exit at Bay Road and travel south on Bay Road and then west on Empire Blvd to the 590 on ramps. It is already clear that putting that much traffic onto those roads in even smaller peak travel times will result in huge delays and gridlock. It is suggested you avoid the whole area if possible by going further south to roads such as Route 286 or Route 441 before heading westbound.

I will also try to re-tweet announcements when I notice them. But to follow the Bay Bridge update Twitter feed directly, click here.

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