Ridgecrest spray park out of commission … for now

24 May

The blistering heat of summer is right around the corner (we’re even getting a tiny taste of it this week), but Webster residents will have to wait until at least early July to cool off at the Ridgecrest Water Spray Park on Ebner Drive.

The Ridgecrest Spray Park is a summer oasis for kids.

The facility, which is especially popular with families who have small children, will be closed at least through the first week of July due to an electrical issue which arose in conjunction with the recent sale of the old Webster Rec building.

Parks and Recreation Commissioner Mark Yeager explained in an email yesterday,

When the building was sold we lost our electricity for the parking lot and spray park. We are working with RG&E to run a new electric line to the box lacrosse building. Once that is completed we will be back in business. We just received the quote from RG&E to set a new pole and run the line to the building. (Then) our electrician will come in and connect the spray park and parking lot lights.

So when will the park reopen? That pretty much depends on RG&E’s availability and how soon they can get the work done.  The town is hoping it’ll happen in early July.

My question is, who has sit on the spray whale every afternoon between noon and 3 pm and wait for the electric guy?

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