Who were those kids marching up my driveway?

3 Jun

My daughter looked out the living room window yesterday afternoon and said, “Mom, there are some strange kids coming up the driveway.”

Click on the flyer to make it larger.

Fortunately, I was able to calm any doubts in her mind about their intentions.  A few days ago I received an email from AJ Cobb, my source inside the Webster Marching Band, who told me the band’s semi-annual bottle and can drive is coming up next weekend.  So I hypothesized that these kids were going house-to-house delivering notices about that.

Sure enough, this morning I found a neatly rolled and rubber-banded flyer tucked in my screen door. If you didn’t happen to get one, you can check out the image on the left for details about next weekend’s collection drive (click on it to make it larger).  There was also an envelope wrapped up in there, which residents are encouraged to use to make a cash donation instead (or in addition to) their bottle and can donations. Unfortunately, the envelope in my packet did not survive the overnight rainstorms, and is completely sealed shut.  But I probably can find another one to use in its place.

So start putting aside those bottles and cans for next weekend. And don’t worry too much if strange kids come up YOUR driveway today.



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