On the eve of Senior Ball, a letter to my daughter

7 Jun

Dear Erin,

So, tonight is your Senior Ball. It’s fun to see how excited you are about it.  Who’d have guessed that someone could talk about one thing nonstop for three straight months?

I’ve enjoyed our pre-ball mommy/daughter time, dress shopping and jewelry shopping. I didn’t mind at all ordering and picking up the boutonniere, or taking you to your mani-pedi appointment, or taxiing your friend to our house so she could do your hair.  It was never a bother. On the contrary, these simple moments we have together now will become few and far between, much sooner than I’d like, and I’ve been trying to capture and absorb every single moment.

Senior Ball. The last big dance of your high school career.  I know you’re going to have a wonderful time and make some great memories.  You’re going to look unbelievably beautiful and grown-up. You’re going to have a very nice guy on your arm who loves you a lot and whom I trust.  And when all the photos are done, and you finally head off for the evening’s festivities, all will be well.


Bad things happen and people do stupid things. Don’t drink (that goes without saying). Don’t get into a car with someone who’s been drinking.   Be careful when you’re driving home, and watch out for idiots on the road.  And deer.  Don’t stay out too late. Make good decisions.

Come home to me safe.

Love, Mom.

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