Willink creates awesome video to welcome new students

10 Jul

Here’s something that will almost certainly make you smile.  The students and staff at Willink Middle School have created a “Welcome to Willink” video that is just delightful.

The video begins with students stepping off a school bus in front of the school, where staff members jump out of the bushes holding signs to welcome them.  As the students enter the school, WEB ambassadors (Where Everyone Belongs) lead the camera through the hallways, lip dubbing to the song Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield.  As the camera winds through the school, we pass by hundreds of students lining the hallways, cheering and waving signs, many wearing uniforms or holding props representing school clubs and sports teams.

And the end of the video, the camera peers out a second-floor window onto the school grounds where the assembled student body erupts into cheers.

Every student got into the action, and there are cameos from Superintendent Adele Bovard and Principal Brian Neenan. My favorite part was probably the Willink chorus, but when the artwork walked off the wall — well, that was pretty cool, too.

The project took a year of planning, during which time the students met with advisers to coordinate props and costumes to represent every class, club and sport at Willink. Filming took place last spring, with the final product posted a few weeks ago.  Kudos to Thomas students (now Thomas grads) Rebecca Farsace and Katie Epner for a great job with the filming (done in one seamless shot) and editing.

And a hearty thumbs-up to the staff and students of Willink Middle School for doing such a fine job with this project.  What an incredible testament to that school’s spirit. If this video doesn’t make a new student feel welcome and excited to attend Willink, I don’t know what would. It’s just pure fun.

Until the end of this month, you can see the video by visiting the Webster School District’s webpage, where it is the spotlight story.  After that (or right now, if you want) you can go directly to the YouTube link. Or click on the photo above.


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