Holt Road construction news

18 Jul

I’ve had a couple of people ask me recently if I knew anything about the huge construction project in progress on Holt Road just north of 104.  After a little bit of digging through Planning Board minutes (thank you Dave) I found out what it’s all about.

What’s going on there is a project called North Ponds Village. According to the Planning Board minutes, it’s a senior housing complex that will include one 66-unit, three-story building and two 24-unit, three-story buildings. Plus offices in a smaller building at the front of the property.

No word on a completion date.

And since we’re on the subject of Holt Road, a few of my readers also mentioned the construction going on right now at the Holt Road Wegmans store.  I popped inside yesterday to get the skinny. The lady at the service desk told me they were simply enclosing the vestibule,  but couldn’t provide any more details.  Sounds like when they’re done they’ll have an entrance-way resembling the one at the Eastway Wegmans. I hope they relocate the bottle return out there when they’re done.


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