Webster in the news

27 Jul

There’ve been several interesting tidbits about Webster in the news these last few days. If you haven’t seen these, allow me to enlighten you:

The front-page story of this week’s Webster Post is all about the Friends of Webster Trails and the volunteer crew that does such a terrific job creating and maintaining our local trail system.  In my opinion, these people don’t get enough recognition for the work they do, so I’m very pleased to see them front and center this week.

I can’t seem to find the article online at the Messenger Post website yet, so you’ll have to pick up a hard copy.

* * *

The plan to build a new $5.4 million firehouse on Phillips Road was soundly defeated in Tuesday’s night’s referendum vote. I  think people in general agree that the fire department needs a new station, but think that the proposed one was a bit more than they need.

Back to the drawing board.  Click here to go to the Democrat & Chronicle article about the vote.

* * *
Speaking of the D&C, in today’s Our Towns, columnist Stacy Gittleman featured Joe Gerard, the Camp Bay View camper who’s making and selling bracelets to benefit the climbing tower replacement fund. Scroll down a few days and you can see the blog I also wrote about this exceptional young man. I heard today that Channel 10 is also chomping at the bit to do a story on Joe, but they’ll have to wait until next week, after his family returns from vacation.

Unfortunately, as of right now the D&C  has not updated their website to include Stacy’s most recent column, so you’ll have to read that in hard copy as well until they do.

* * *

Speaking of previous blogs I wrote … back in May I wrote about a new store that had appeared on Ridge Road, called the “Look Ah Hookah Smoke Shop.”  I didn’t say so at the time, but I was kind of wondering about the kinds of things they sell.  Is it really all … well, legal?

Apparently not.

This article from the Webster Post (which is online) reports how the owner of  Lookah Hookah was fined for violating state labeling laws. Specifically, they were selling synthetic marijuana and other designer drugs.  ‘Course, what can you expect from a place where the tagline is “We’ll smoke you up”?



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