The moose had a baby!

1 Aug

Did you see? The big moose painted on the side of the dentist office on West Main Street has had a little moose!

The baby may have been there for a while, but I just noticed him (her?) a few days ago on one of my passes through the village. A few trees and soft grasses have also sprouted there on the side of the building, so at least our new little animal friend has some shade and a comfortable place to rest.

I first wrote about the Webster Moose (as I called it back then) a little more than four years ago.  I was intrigued by the animals painted on the building (the moose is not the only one) and the animal tracks leading around the building.  I had the good luck then to meet the artist, Carol Salminen, wife of Dr. William Salminen, one of the dentists who shares the office. Her idea was for the animals to be a “welcoming menagerie” for their young patients. (Click here to see the original blog.)

When I popped into the office this time around, however, I couldn’t track down the artist.  The receptionists didn’t even seem to know about the baby. So I’m not sure who’s responsible, but to whoever is, I say good job.

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