Checking in with some awesome local businesses

31 Aug

I spent much of the day yesterday traveling around town lining up raffle prizes for the Trucks for the Tower Food Rodeo benefit in which I’m involved. And with every stop, I was reminded how generous and community-minded our local businesspeople are.

Almost without fail, every time I walked into a business, I walked out with a prize in hand, or promise of one to come.  Many of the business owners had heard about the event which sparked this benefit — the arson fire which destroyed the Bay View YMCA climbing tower earlier this summer — and more than pleased to do something to help the cause. But even if they hadn’t heard about it, they were still willing to help out.

I just love this town.

As an added benefit to my tours around town, I’ve reconnected with many business owners I haven’t seen in a long time. And in a few cases, I found out about some exciting changes in their businesses.

Take BayTowne Liquor, for example, in BayTowne Plaza. When I walked into their shop yesterday, I was taken aback at how airy and wide open things looked, much less crowded than I remembered from earlier visits.  It turns out that BayTowne has recently undergone a major renovation.

I spoke with Erin Pries, VP of Marketing, who told me that plans for the renovations have been in the works since the store changed ownership two years ago. When the time was right, those plans were put in motion and the place was “remodeled top to bottom,” including new flooring, walls and brickwork.  Plus, they expanded into the adjacent vitamin store, giving them more space to add products, and introduce special events like their Friday and Saturday afternoon wine tastings.

BayTowne Liquor had their official grand opening in March, but the place still looks brand spanking new. Check it out for yourself.  You’ll find them in BayTowne Plaza between Premier Fitness and WalMart.

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