Want full-day kindergarten? Let your voice be heard.

3 Oct

Full-day kindergarten may be in Webster’s near future.

For the last several months, the Webster Central School District has been looking into the possibility of replacing the elementary schools’ current half-day kindergarten programs with full-day programs.  An advisory committee consisting of 80 parents, teachers, administrators and community residents has been meeting since March to review current literature on the subject, and visit existing full-day programs in Monroe and Wayne counties.

Now they’d like to get some input from the greater Webster community.  They’re inviting all residents to complete a short survey to gauge interest.  It’s only got a handful of questions, so it doesn’t take very long. A few of the questions are kind of confusing, but I expect it should give the district a general idea of where people stand.

The district stresses that a move to full-day kindergarten will not require the addition of classrooms at any of the schools.  What other costs will be involved, I can’t tell you.

The survey will be available through October 12, and can be accessed online by clicking here.  Hard copies can also be found in the main office of each elementary school.

The Board of Education will receive a report from the Full-Day Kindergarten Advisory Committee in November, which will include the community survey results, along with research and site visit findings.



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