Graffiti art vexes the town

2 Nov

I’ve had a few readers write me in the last several weeks about the mysterious artwork which has appeared on the Route 104 bridge at Phillips Road.  Somebody — or many somebodies — have been decorating the underpinnings of the bridge with graffiti art.

The reviews I’ve heard have been mixed. The first person who brought it to my attention called it “methodical, neat and weird.” Another asked if the “art work” was an “approved and funded project.” Which is not to say that she actually likes it.

The town’s official position on the artwork, however, is clear.

For starters, it is most certainly not an approved art project. “We don’t know who is doing this,” Supervisor Ron Nesbitt wrote in an email, and noted, “It looks terrible.”  He added that the Webster Police are closely watching the area every evening in an attempt to catch the perpetrators. But so far the artists — whoever they may be — have proved slippery.

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