Black Friday in the village a pleasant experience

24 Nov

Remember a few days ago when I said that I never take to the roads on Black Friday? Well, that philosophy didn’t mesh very well with the fact that I’m providing a big chuck of my family’s Thanksgiving dinner this weekend in Greene. So yesterday morning I climbed into the car and prepared myself for the worst.

And I gotta tell you, it wasn’t that bad. At 10:30 in the morning, Ridge Road was busy, but not backed up like it always is at rush hour. Still, I kept off it as much as I could, and with some creative use of back roads, the 104 access road and parking lot drive-throughs, getting from one end of town to the other was fairly painless.  The main impediment, actually, were the garbage trucks, who also travel those back roads at that time of day and tend to take up an entire lane.

Since I knew I was going to be out of town today, Small Business Saturday, I also made yesterday my Small Business Friday, and did some Christmas shopping in the village.  I had a nice conversation with the folks at Nest Things, a cup of tea with Walter Scott at Webster Gourmet, and followed that up with a hot chocolate, a scone and an unexpected visit with my friends Chris and Julie at Barry’s Old School Irish. It was a very no-stress shopping experience, and as I strolled from store to store I wondered whether all those people fighting the crowds at the big box stores were enjoying themselves as much.

The only thing that could have gotten me more into the holiday spirit was a little snow.  And what do you know — here we have some, just in time for Small Business Saturday.

So check out the village yourself today, and I guarantee with the variety of shops we have in town, you can polish off your entire Christmas shopping list. The parking is plentiful and just steps from the shops, and the people are friendly. And if you go into Webster Gourmet, have a cup of Snickerdoodle tea with Walter, and tell him Missy sent you.

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