Webster’s own Justin Bieber?

29 Nov

Now here’s a young man you’re gonna want to keep an eye on.

I found out yesterday that Webster has an up-and-coming blues guitar star in its midst. His name is Jon Dretto, and he’s a Webster Thomas High School freshman.

Jon has been playing guitar since he was 8 years old.  Now just 14, he’s already tucked some impressive gigs under his belt, including the Niagara Falls Blues Festival, where he performed with the Nighthawks and Shrimp Daddy.

Jon’s budding music career got a big boost this month when he was featured in the music classroom magazine In Tune.  The feature was a follow-up to a contest sponsored by the magazine in July, where he won the top prizes: a brand new Paul Reed Smith SE guitar, an SE50 amplifier, and the opportunity to perform at In Tune’s Race to the Stage concert at Watkins Glen Grand Am in August.  In addition to being the opening act, he was also invited to play onstage with the PRS professional band.

Jack Higginbotham of PRS posted on his blog after the event,

Our fourth and final concert for the season featured 14-year old Jon Dretto, who rocked the 10,000+ fans that attended our Watkins Glen concert. Jon joined our PRS band the Rocky Mountain Stoneflies and British Blues phenom Davy Knowles for a few in front of the huge and enthusiastic crowd.

Congratulations, Jon. You’re making Webster proud, and we are all looking forward to following your career.


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