Santa at the Plaza

10 Dec

Santa was in town on Saturday, over at Towne Center Plaza. Apparently he made a visit to the Joe Obbie’s Farm Market, which I thought had folded its tents for the season. I wasn’t there, but my friend Any Weetman happened to be there with her daughters, and filed this report:

During the week I noted a small sign that said Santa would be in the gazebo at the Holt Rd Plaza on Saturday 11-3pm.  We needed to do some shopping on Saturday and figured we’d try to check it out.  As we pulled into the plaza, we noticed another sign about a farmer’s market and then saw tents set up near the gazebo.  As we neared JoAnne’s, our first stop, a horse drawn carriage passed us by with happy passengers waving and Santa himself!  It was a great start to our shopping trip.

Because Santa was not at his gazebo post at the moment, we shopped first.  When we came back to the parking lot, Santa was back near the gazebo.  We walked over and were greeted by lovely people offering us free cider and cookies and encouraged us to take a ride on the horse drawn carriage, also free.  Of course we saw Santa too.  We walked over to the gazebo with him and he sat upon his special chair.  My girls were not too sure about being close to Santa, but we had a nice chat and got a picture of him.

Finally, we walked over to the carriage and had a lovely ride around part of the plaza.  It was lovely to have a break from the shopping frenzy and enjoy time with my girls.

What a fun event that was, and such a nice surprise for anyone who needed to give their kids a break from shopping. Thanks again, Amy, for your fine reporting!

Amy Weetman with her daughters Kessa (2), and Sydney (8).

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