Lighting of the Lights in the village this evening

15 Dec

If you think of all the twinkly village decorations, and the White Christmas and Parade of Lights as a big Christmas gift to Webster, then tonight’s event is like a big bow on top.

Tonight is the annual Lighting of the Lights, from 4- 8 pm at Hanks Ice Cream and Taylor Rental on North Avenue.  The fun starts with a Chili for Charity Cook-off  from 4-6 pm. It’s not supposed to be bitterly cold, but  some nice hot chili will be very welcome nonetheless. Immediately after the cook-off, Santa and his elves will arrive.

Then, at 6:30 comes the spectacular Lighting of the Holiday Lights and fireworks. Plus, there will also be a raffle featuring dozens of prizes donated by local businesses.  Proceeds will benefit Webster Comfort Care and the Finger Lakes Regional Burn Association.

So make it a whole evening tonight. Bring the family down to the village, do a little shopping, sample a little chili, say hi to Santa, and enjoy the holiday, Webster-style.


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