Good things DO happen

30 Dec

Today’s blog, which I’ve had in the works for several days now, takes on special significance given the tragic events of yesterday morning in Webster. It’s a reminder that good things really do happen in this world, and good people still inhabit it.

For starters, I want to bring you back to a blog I wrote earlier about how the Sandy Hook, Connecticut PTA has requested that people make snowflakes to decorate the school the students will be returning to after Christmas break.  Several days ago I posted a photo of the letter the PTA wrote requesting the snowflakes.

The response to that photo was overwhelming.  To date, that photo has been shared 145 times, which is very cool. But even cooler than that was hearing about some actual snowflake-making efforts.

Jen Sander, who works with 10- and 11-year-olds at Mary Cariola Children’s Center in Rochester, sent some photos of the snowflakes her kids made.

Some of the snowflakes made by the children at Mary Cariola Children’s Center.

I also heard from my daughter Sara, who teaches second graders at Buffalo Public School #76, Herman Badillo Bilingual Academy. Her kids knew about what had happened, so Sara explained to them that the snowflakes would be used to decorate the new school the kids would go to so it wouldn’t be scary.  The kids really got into the project, and didn’t want to stop. “It’s probably a big school so we need to make more,” they told her.

Students at the Herman Badillo Bilingual Academy in Buffalo show off their snowflakes.

Next, remember last week, after the horrible events in Newtown, CT, when Ann Curry proposed that everyone do a random act of kindness in memory of everyone who lost their lives?  I actually learned about the challenge from my friend Jane Laskey, who noted in her email that “I know two people that had their coffee paid for, someone who received flowers on their car while in Wegmans’ parking lot, my kids are making more and more Christmas goodies and plan to hand them out, and a meal paid for.”

I encouraged others to let me know if they had received or gave a random act. I heard back from a few people. My friend Lyndsay Maier wrote,

I heard this morning from a co-worker that she went to Dunkin’ Donuts drive thru this morning and the person before her in line paid for her order… Apparently one person about 15 cars before started this chain reaction and they had about 20 cars that kept on the chain… Every car paying for the person after them… the people at Dunkin’ were impressed that it kept on for so long.

Others told me that they regularly try to do random acts, and encourage their children to do so as well. Kurt Johnson has even set up a Facebook page on which he encourages people to report their random acts of kindness. You can see it here.

Merry Christmas, my friends. Hug the ones who are close to you.

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