Fun with words!

5 Jan

OK, I thought we all deserved to have a little fun today. So I present you with this mind-teaser.

You will find below a series of photographs of sculptures created by students in Sue Toomey’s Sculpture class at Webster Thomas High School.  Most of them were crafted this year (and so I know the artists’ names), but a few are from last year’s class.  Each one of them is a manifestation of a common idiom or phrase.  For example, the first one below, by Jaycob Sanchez, depicts the phrase “Mind on my Money.”  There are 16 different sculptures; your challenge is to see how many of them you can figure out.

Each artist’s name (if known) is shown in the caption.  After you’ve made your guess, scroll your mouse over the photo to see the sculpture’s title and check your answer.  Be forewarned: some are harder than others.  Good luck!

Jaycob Sanchez
Artist unknown
Veronica Speer
Madison Goodwine


Katelyn F-Thompson
Ally Bilow
Austin Deuschle
Artist unknown
Hailey Frank
Artist unknown
Nicole Meynadasy
Artist unknown
Marley Morrill
Kelsey Chippero
Alexa Cunningham (the word surrounding the knight is “SOMEONE”)
Aubrie Isaac

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