More fun with words

7 Jan

So, did you have a little fun on Sunday trying to guess those idiom sculptures?  How did you do?

Yesterday morning at school, Webster Thomas art teacher Sue Toomey showed me a handful of other sculptures which weren’t part of the original collection because they were on display at District Office.  So to be fair, I figured I’d better post a second blog with the additional sculptures.

Once again, each sculpture is a physical representation of a a common idiom. Your challenge is to figure out what that idiom is. Each artist’s name is shown in the caption. Once you make your guess, scroll your mouse over it to check your answer.

If you didn’t see the original 16 photos I posted on Sunday, click here to go directly to that blog. Have fun!


by Jessie James


by Natalie Montoya


by Dan Brown
by Megan Ziegler
by Jamie Menaldino


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