Time to get a scone and restock my story ideas

18 Feb

Anyone who thinks I know a lot about the village and town of Webster has not met Carol Klem. Carol writes the “Village Focus” column for the village website, which you may have also seen when it’s cross-posted in the Webster Herald.   She is the eyes and ears of Webster, much more than I will ever be. To steal an oft-used phrase, Carol has forgotten more information about the people and places of Webster than I will ever know.

I was reminded of that when I read her most recent column on the website, in which she included a very nice review of the new Prime restaurant on East Main Street.  Not only did she write a terrific article, but she did a heck of a lot better job with it than I ever would.  So good that any blog I would write would be redundant (so click here to read all about the Prime and its new owner).

The reason I happened by Carol’s column was that I’m planning to meet her this morning for scones and coffee at Barry’s Old School Irish. I’m trying to make this a monthly event partly because we have so much fun together. Nothing like sitting two crazy-lady local journalists across the table from one another. We hardly take a breath for the stories we tell, and laugh so hard my side hurts.

But I have another, more selfish reason for meeting:  To restock my story ideas.

Guaranteed when I walk out of Barry’s this morning, my reporter’s pad will be overflowing with news of the town and its businesses and people just begging to be blogged about.  Basically, Carol knows so many things about what’s happening in this town, she can’t write about them all, so she tosses some my way.  I buy her scones. It’s a win-win.


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