High school art students among the best (again)

2 Mar

Have I ever mentioned how incredibly talented our high school students are? Only a few times?  Well, here they go again, winning even more awards.

More than 50 Webster students have received recognition as regional winners in the prestigious Scholastic Art Awards.  These students’ works are in the top 10% of all artworks that were submitted this year to the Northeast Region-at-large. All Gold Key winners will be adjudicated at the national level in the near future.

Webster Schroeder students who won at this level include:

Grace Annese, Silver Key, Ceramics and Glass, Story Box – Camping At Stonybrook
Rachel Barbato, Silver Key, Drawing, In The Studio
Taylor Beebe, Gold Key, Drawing, Predator
Ashlynn Blose Honorable Mention, Drawing, Heidi
Genevieve Caldwell, Honorable Mention, Mixed Media, Out In The Cold
Valerie Cardillo, Silver Key, Drawing, Maine 1937
Elissa D’Alessandro, Honorable Mention, Painting, Octopus Garden, Gold Key, Drawing, Eye of the Beholder, and Honorable Mention, Painting, After Work;
Keenan Denis, Silver Key, Drawing, The Con Man
Devon Forward, Honorable Mention, Drawing, Person Of Interest, and Honorable Mention, Drawing, Erin
Samantha Killian, Honorable Mention, Drawing, Warrior
Megan Kloosterman, Silver Key, Ceramics and Glass, The Robin Egg
Ciara Lutz, Gold Key, Drawing, Taylor; Renee Macdonald,Honorable Mention, Painting, Starting Bright and Early
Maggie Mutschler, Honorable Mention, Drawing, Munchie’s Mugs
Sarah Nicolay, Silver Key, Sculpture, Technicolor Giraffe
Lauren Park, Silver Key, Drawing, Grandma Why Are You Gone
Katrin Peterson, Honorable Mention, Drawing, The Great Escape
Corinne Playfair, Silver Key, Drawing, The Sands Of Time; and Honorable Mention, Portfolio
Andrew Wagenhals, Silver Key, Drawing, Physical Interlude
Jennifer Wehrle, Honorable Mention, Drawing, Ustrasana
Maria Posato, Honorable Mention, Drawing, Still Life

Webster Thomas students who won at this level include:

Laura Aguilera, Honorable Mention, Painting, Jasmine
Julia Bender, Gold Key, Drawing, Me 2
Allie Bernstein, Honorable Mention, Mixed Media, The Explosion
Daniel Brown, Honorable Mention, Sculpture, Against All Odds
Hannah Buckley, Honorable Mention, Painting, Fighter
Maya Colombo, Silver Key, Drawing, Materialism
Connor Czora, Silver Key, Drawing, Work In Progress
Ashley Epping, Honorable Mention, Drawing, Seashore On Seaside
Lauren Fordham, Silver Key, Drawing, Eye, Honorable Mention, Drawing, Change, and Gold Key, Portfolio
Jamie Guarrera, Honorable Mention, Drawing, dusty space
Kate Hall, Mention, Drawing, Moon
Elana Howe, Honorable Mention, Painting, Cupcakes
Kelly Hurlburt, Silver Key, Drawing, The Tsunami Dancer
Abbey Lee, Gold Key, Drawing, Pieces Of Me
Aubrey Maryniak, Honorable Mention, Drawing, Backwards Through Glass, and Honorable Mention, Drawing, Hanging Onto Adolescence
Dominic Montante, Silver Key, Drawing, Geriatrics
Marley Morrill, Honorable Mention, Sculpture, Armadillo
Cynthia Nguyen, Silver Key, Painting, Attack on the North
Kyle Roethlisberger, Honorable Mention, Drawing, Still Life
Trevor Smith, Gold Key, Drawing, Tattoo
Scott St. George, Honorable Mention, Mixed Media, Meditate, and Honorable Mention, Drawing, Wonder
Erin Tersegno, Honorable Mention, Drawing, Horizon
Adrianna Zaretsky, Silver Key, Drawing, Goop

Congratulations to all these talented young students You make Webster proud.

Below are a few samples of these students’ work. Prepare to be amazed.

Taylor, by Ciara Lutz

Predator, by Taylor Beebe

Tattoo, by Trevor Smith

Fractured, by Abbey Lee

Eye, by Lauren Fordham

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