Can you help with cleanup at Case Park?

19 Apr

Milton R. Case Park is overdue for a facelift, and Ian Fike is on the job.

If you’ve never heard of Milton R. Case Park, don’t feel too bad. It’s been in such a sad state for so long that it doesn’t get much use, or attention. Plus, its main entrance on South Avenue is tucked between two houses and it doubles as a driveway, so it’s easy to miss when you’re zooming by on 250.

But it’s a great little park once you get to know it. It boasts 14 acres of woods and several nature trails. And it’s right in the village, so it’s really easy to get to. It’s just a little … shabby.

Ian Fike, a Life Scout from Troop 163 (St. Rita Church) wants to do something about that. For his Eagle Scout project, he decided to tackle the challenge of improving Case Park.

His plans include repairing the trails, installing new trail head signs, and removing debris and trash. One of the things I like best are his plans to improve the trail and trail head access from Spry Middle School. Perhaps that will encourage more exploration by the students and staff there.

It’s going to be a big job, and he can’t do it alone. So Ian has sent out a request for help from the community. He’s looking for donations of materials he’ll need for the project, and volunteers for his work crew on Saturday April 27.

Here are some details:

Ian Fike’s Case Park Eagle Scout Project
Work Day: Saturday April 27, 9 am to 2 pm
click here to sign up to work or donate materials:

Check out the photos below of some of the jobs Ian wants to accomplish:


The park definitely needs new signs.

All this debris needs to be cleared.

Here’s where Ian wants to create a better path from Spry to Case Park

One of the low areas that needs to be filled.


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