Webster Presbyterian Mission Team helps our Southern Tier neighbors

22 Apr

This super-friendly looking group just returned from a service trip helping rebuild homes in the Southern Tier.

This is a nice story from the folks at the Webster Presbyterian Church, who recently returned from an Adult Mission Team Trip in the Southern Tier.

Sixteen church members participated in the week-long service trip, in which they helped three homeowners in the Endicott-Binghamton area make repairs to their homes, which were badly damaged in the awful flooding that took place there in September 2011.

Mission Committee member Laureen Anthony-Palmer reported that the group worked on drywall and did some painting for a house in Vestal, did “lots of painting” and hung a door on a house in Owego, and installed vinyl siding on a home in Barton. “All three homeowners were extremely grateful for our help and were very helpful to us the entire week,” Laureen added.

This is the second time a service group from the Webster Presbyterian Church has traveled to the Binghamton area. Last October a team spent a week rehabilitating two homes in Johnson City.  One of the homeowners was an 86-year old widow named Betty, who had spent the previous year living upstairs in three bedrooms and a bathroom.

Laureen was pleased to report that this month’s Mission Team members went back to visit Betty to see how things were going.  “It was not only great to visit with her again,” Laureen wrote, “but also to see that the renovations on her home are now almost complete and she is once again able to live on both floors of her home.”

The Webster Presbyterian Adult Mission Team’s visit was hosted by the First Presbyterian Church in Endicott, who reported that the work down there is far from done.  As of last fall, there were still about 1000 in the greater Binghamton area in need of repair, and they expected to be sponsoring work teams for at least the next two years.

I particularly love this story because I feel a very personal connection with it.  Owego is my hometown, and I was heartbroken when I saw the devastation caused by the floods.  On a recent visit I was glad to see that the beautiful little town has rebounded well, in part thanks to the efforts of fine folks like these.

So may I add my personal thank you for your kindness and generosity of time and talent.


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