Working out in Webster just got more fun

4 Jun

CrossFit has come to Webster.

If you’re not familiar with this diabolically torturous, yet strangely enjoyable fitness regimen, allow me to enlighten you.

CrossFit  is a strength and conditioning program comprised of short, intense workouts including any or many of the following activities: running, rowing, jumping rope, weightlifting, flipping tires, carrying heavy objects, push ups, sit ups, ring pull-ups, chin-ups, box jumps, medicine-ball throws…and those are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head.  The chosen activities are done repeatedly, at top intensity, for 15-30 minutes straight.

Now you understand why I called it “torturous.”

But CrossFit is also addictive.  That’s why CrossFit training facilities — or “boxes” as they are affectionately called — have been cropping up all over the States ever since the brand was created 12 years ago.

The newest of those boxes is CrossFit Webster, which opened up just last week at 1847 Empire Blvd.  Last Friday as part of their grand opening celebration they held a free workout.  Actually, they called it a “bootcamp,” which more accurately reflects the intensity that typifies CrossFit training.

I have some CrossFit experience (thanks to friends who host regular workouts in their garages), so I jumped on the chance to try a session in a real “box.”

Before the bootcamp began, I chatted with Laura Rice, CrossFit Webster’s owner.  She and her husband Jeff have owned Flower City CrossFit in Brighton since 2010.  Even back then they had an eye on Webster with thoughts of opening a second gym. Finally, when the time seemed right, Laura took the leap and left her full-time IT job.

CrossFit Webster was born.

Laura found what she calls “prime CrossFit space” in a warehouse tucked back off of Empire Blvd. next to Delta Sonic. For two solid weeks, family, friends and Flower City CrossFit members worked day and night to transform the 7,000-square foot warehouse space into a gleaming workout facility.  Then they stocked it with enough equipment and apparatus to keep 48 people busy and sweating at once.

I know that for a fact, because I was one of those 48 people last Friday night.

For 18 minutes, plus rest breaks which were nowhere NEAR long enough, we sweated through a workout comprised of ring rows, situps, rowing, slam ball, jump rope, and the ever-popular burpees.  (If you don’t know what a burpee is, suffice it to say that EVERYBODY groaned when we were told they were part of the workout.)

I am pleased to report that I did not die.  In fact, once I powered through the “I-hate-every-single-trainer-in-this-room” phase of the workout (which usually occurs at or about burpee #20), it was kind of fun.  There’s a certain satisfaction to pushing your body to the edge and coming out stronger for it.

But more than that, CrossFit workouts are fun because you feel like you’re part of a community. I knew very few people in that room, but that didn’t keep us from cheering each other on, high-fiving as we walked to the next station, and exchanging words of encouragement during rest breaks.

So in that regard, CrossFit Webster has nailed it.  Great people, great equipment, great workouts.

But all this still didn’t make it very easy. But as Laura reminded me, “It never gets easier. It just sucks less.”  That is so true.

Find out more about CrossFit Webster: click here to go to their website, or click here to see their Facebook page.

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