One more thought from the bike path

26 Jul

Near where the path begins at Salt Road, it’s particularly icky

You remember a little while ago I posted a blog about the bike path that runs along Rt. 104? My husband and I have become very familiar with the section between Five Mile Line Road and Phillips, having ridden it at least a dozen times in the last six weeks to visit the village.

Well, on a recent trip to the village, we decided to get crazy and follow the path all the way to its eastern terminus at Salt Road. It was only another mile, I thought, and it might turn out to be the nicest part of the trail.

Boy, was I wrong.

That last (first) mile of the bike path from Phillips to Salt is in awful repair. Don’t get me wrong — there are parts where it’s pretty, twisty and lined with reeds and cat-tails, and buffered from the highway by mature vegetation. But the path itself is bumpy and broken up, just gravel in some places, and with grass growing through in others. It lies in a wet, marshy area, which probably makes it harder to maintain.  But a friend who lives near there tells me that the poor condition of the path in that section is mainly due to its frequent use by snowmobilers in the winter.

The 104 Bike Path is a terrific resource for our town and there’s much to be said for allowing all residents to use it, all seasons of the year.  Precisely for those reasons, the town or the state — or whoever is responsible — should perhaps start focusing more on its upkeep.

Grassy strips like this are common in the Salt-to-Phillips section.

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