A new, not-so-little free library

6 Jul

I’m working on an Our Towns East Extra column for publication in the next few weeks, but this is such a cute Webster-local story, I thought I’d like to give everyone a preview.


Last summer, little Brynn Anderson, who lives not far from me in north Penfield, decided she wanted to put up a Little Free Library, inspired by something she saw on TV. After researching how much it would actually cost to build one (especially from the pre-designed kits) and register it, her father Zach and mother Jamie helped Brynn come up with a more creative solution.

So Brynn packed a Little Tykes doll carriage with books, and every day wheeled it out and parked it by the tree along the roadway in front of their house. It worked out pretty well; it held as many as 30 picture books at one time. Only problem was, they tended to get a little wet if it rained.

Thanks in part to the success of that “little wheeled library,” and especially because Zach’s friend and Spry Middle School colleague Jason Jugovic offered to build a more permanent structure, Brynn’s original library has grown.

A lot.

This summer, Brynn unveiled her “Medium Free Library.” It’s kind of hard to miss as you drive down Galante Circle in Penfield. While traditional Little Free Libraries are typically about 28 inches tall by a foot deep, Brynn’s library measures a whopping 4 x 6 feet. It’s so big that when it was being built, people thought it might be a chicken coop.

Brynn says the new library is getting a lot of traffic, and several family members and friends are helping keep it stocked with books. Like the baby stroller, this one is on wheels as well … but a little more protected from the elements.

Watch for more photos and more of the story in the column in a few weeks.

* * *

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2 Responses to “A new, not-so-little free library”

  1. Robin Pulver July 6, 2017 at 10:18 pm #

    What a fantastic story!!!

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