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17 Aug

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It’s hard to find civility on the internet these days. Negativity threatens to overwhelm kindness, understanding and tolerance more and more each day. So when a bright light shines through the gloom, I feel it’s important to recognize it so that others can take hope.

It’s a Facebook page called Webster, Where Life is Worth Living  (WWLIWL). Unlike another well-traveled Webster Facebook page, there is no negativity whatsoever on this one. Bob Blind, the site’s administrator, simply will not allow it.

That admonition is actually the first thing you’ll see when you click into the site. Tacked to the top of the page is this welcoming post:

I wish to welcome all of the new people who have joined this group in recent weeks. Thanks for being here! The original “mission statement” for this group remains the same. Our goal is to have the most helpful and respectful Webster, NY group without all of the drama, sniping, bad language, flaming, and outright nastiness that is on display elsewhere.

As a result, Webster, Where Life is Worth Living is a friendly site where users are actually cordial to one another, and — more to the point — extremely helpful.

Need a recommendation for a roofer or electrician? WWLIWL is the place to go. Want to know about special events coming up in town? They’re posted there all the time. There are beauty shots of Webster and the surrounding area. There’s useful information about all sorts of topics, historical recollections, and so much more.

And it’s all positive.

The site is easy to join; all you have to do is ask. Check it out here and become part of the conversation. Because true to its name, Webster, Where Life is Worth Living is dedicated to highlighting all the good things about our town. And these days, we need to hear about the good things as often as possible.

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One Response to “A bright spot on the web”

  1. Jeremy Tellier April 25, 2018 at 1:06 pm #

    The problem I find with that group is that everything is removed, positive, negative, if the post is not inline with what Bob wants to see on the group, it is quickly deleted… It is an ill representation of the actual community and the issues that our neighborhood faces… Being the admin of the two largest Webster communities, that people actually use, I struggle with the complexity of censorship vs the reality of how people act in the real world. Thus leaving it readily available, allows for people to see what their neighbors are really like.

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