Clarification from the PTSA

13 Oct


Apparently there’s been some discussion in recent days on social media regarding a Meet the Candidates forum which was recently hosted by the Webster Central Schools’ PTSA.

The event, as I gather from the advance information that was distributed, was intended to be an informational give and-take between town residents and the candidates for Town Supervisor. Seems like a great opportunity to become better informed voters, and give our younger generation a taste of the voting process.

But apparently some people didn’t take it that way and there’s been some complaints. In response, the WC PTSA has offered this statement, which I am pleased to post.

We are aware that some Webster residents on social media pages have questioned the WC PTSA hosting a Meet the Candidates forum and we would like to take this opportunity to clarify our role in holding such events.

The PTSA held this event to provide an opportunity to the residents of Webster to meet the candidates and learn about their views. Both candidates and the Webster Community were invited to participate in this open forum event, and all questions were 100% audience driven. High School principals included this information in their weekly newsletter to encourage students to learn about their local government and its processes.

The event, like our annual BOE Meet the Candidates events, was a free, non-partisan, public event. It was not part of our monthly PTSA business meeting, which was held earlier that evening. It was moderated by a non-town resident and approved by the NYS PTA. For more information on NYS PTA, click here.

The PTSA is a powerful voice for all children, a relevant resource for families and communities, and a strong advocate for the education and well being of every child. In accordance with our local and NY State bylaws, the WC PTSA does not endorse any political party or candidates. For more information on our mission and bylaws, please visit our website.


The advance notice that appeared in school newsletters

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