Photos from Community Arts Day 2018

15 Apr


I think we’re all feeling grateful that the messy weather expected earlier in the day Saturday waited until the evening to arrive. That meant that Community Arts Day 2018 could proceed with nary a hitch.

As expected, I spent more than three hours there yesterday, doing lap after lap of the halls, seeing a new batch of friends, students and colleagues every time.

As expected, I took SO. MANY. PHOTOS. It’s hard to be in three places at once, which would have been required to see everything that goes on at Community Arts Day, but I tried to capture as many highlights as possible. I wish I could have taken photos of all the incredible artistic pieces on display, but I’ve tried to at least provide a nice representation of the incredible talent our students have. And it was fascinating to see the progression from elementary school to high school and see that talent blossom.

Click here to see a full Facebook gallery. (I apologize in advance for it being a little firefighter-heavy. Since my son and daughter-in-law are both firefighters, I’m kind of drawn to that table.)

* * *

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