BE uninTIMidated presents check to Wilmot

3 Oct


Here’s some good news from a great local organization which has turned tragedy into kindness.

Tim Wesley, a Penfield resident, was diagnosed with appendix cancer in April 2012. Rather than withdrawing from life, he made a brave and compassionate decision to “give good.” After going through a 12-hour surgery, fighting through nearly 25 rounds of chemotherapy, running his business and raising two teenage girls with his wife, he decided to start a not-for-profit organization to help save the lives of others.

BE uninTIMidated was formed in October of 2012 and has raised over $100,000 to support cancer research and to pay for travel expenses for those seeking treatment for rare forms of cancer. Just this past January, the BE uninTIMidated Board of Directors voted to amend their mission statement to include Wilmot Cancer Center as a beneficiary of donations. and just this last week, presented them a $25,000 check.

WCI Donation

Unfortunately, Tim Wesley passed away from this terrible disease in February of this year. His legacy, passion and love for others carries on through his family and this organization. They are just as determined now, if not even more, to continue to raise awareness about this disease and help save the lives of others.

To learn more about this disease and this organization, please visit their website here.  You can also help support the efforts of this great cause by attending their 6th Annual Casino Night Event on January 26th at Kodak Park. More information to come about that.

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