Business is buzzing at The North Bee

24 Mar

north beeI haven’t written about The North Bee much since this cute little shop opened on North Avenue just in time for the Christmas shopping season. (And boy did I do some shopping there.)

As the name implies, The North Bee is all about honey and beeswax-related products. Owner Amy Stringer has been a beekeeper for about three years and loves pretty much everything about bees. Her shop has all sorts of honeys, of course, plus lots of creative products made from beeswax.

But even though I haven’t written about The North Bee recently, it doesn’t mean the shop has gone into hibernation.

Amy recently wrote to tell me that she currently has more than 20 different honeys on her tasting table (I didn’t even know there was more than one kind of honey). They include honeys from Central America, Chile and South America.

But she also told me about what she calls a “new, cool product” which will be arriving at the shop very soon.

Apparently, David Klein — the inventor of Jelly Belly jelly beans — has teamed up with Jeff Lewis of Haystack4life CBD (cannabis-infused) products to create the COOL BEANS CBD jelly bean. Amy is very excited to report that she will be carrying the jelly beans, and will be the only shop in New York — right now — to do so.

Stay tuned for a special event announcement when they finally arrive!

The North Bee is located at 27 North Avenue (right next to the entrance to the public parking  lot). Read more about her cute and unique little shop in this blog I wrote back in November.

* * *

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