Plank North teacher earns Golden Apple

8 Apr

Plank North kindergarten teacher Cindy Barnard with Brooklyn

I am pleased and proud to spread the news that my good friend and Plank Rd. North Elementary School teaching colleague Cindy Barnard received a Golden Apple Award from WROC-TV Channel 8 Friday morning!

Cindy was in the school library with her kindergarten class, lured down there by an admitted “fib” from Principal Craig Bodensteiner,  when Channel 8 came in to present the award.

Brooklyn Lown’s mother Lindsay nominated Cindy for the award.

It was clearly an emotional moment for Cindy; after the requisite interviews and photos were completed, she had her class help her do some mindful breathing to calm her nerves.

Afterwards, she told me, “I feel blessed to have been working for Webster for 22 years, and I have been at Plank North the entire time. I call everyone at Plank North my family.”

The presentation and interview were captured on camera, and will be aired in a few weeks. As soon as I know when it will be on, I will be sure to share that information.


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