Plank South readers win book battle!

31 May

The winning team: (L-R) Michael Loux, Dominic Ianniello, Robert Kenny and Matt Schilling with Plank South librarian Janet Bresin.

Congratulations to the Bookasaurus Rex team from Plank South Elementary School, who won a head-to-head battle with Plank North’s Komedy Klan earlier this week in the final 2019 Battle of the Books battle.

Battle of the Books is a two-month long weekly contest which pits students in each of the school’s fifth grade classes against one another in a challenge which tests the students’ knowledge of literature. The students divide themselves up into three-or-four person teams and come up with fanciful team names like the “Mysterious Monkeys,” “The Skinny Carrots” and the “The Little Einsteins.” Then they try to become experts in the eight different books chosen for that year’s competition.

In each of the first three rounds, held during the classes’ normal library time, the teams are asked 16 questions — two from each book. The top scoring team from each class then moved on to the final round.

The Komedy Klan came in first pace at Plank North and Bookasaurus Rex at Plank South. The final battle on Wednesday was extremely close. The Komedy Klan missed just one question, but the Bookasaurus Rex team didn’t miss any. 

Plank North is just one of many schools in our district which hold this annual event. Kudos to the dedicated librarians who spend so much time organizing the battles and finding such a creative way to encourage our children to read and love books.


The Komedy Klan: Lucas Hill, Sam DuPont, Aidan Tosto and Michael Leonard with Plank North librarian Gretchen Pulver

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