More wine walks, please

4 Aug
Ploty's wine walk

Enjoying our wine on the newly updated patio space at Ploty’s, one of the stops on the Wine Walk.

I had a blast last night, wandering the village with a gaggle of girlfriends during the Webster Wine Walk. Perhaps a dozen businesses participated, offering up not just wine, but snacks, BBQ samples (at Good Smoke), even entire cold cut trays to make sandwiches (Furnari Jewelers). All the food was very much appreciated, by the way, ’cause we were drinking quite a bit of wine.

The only downer about last night was that the event didn’t appear to be as well attended as previous wine walks. And I don’t think that was because people were doing other things or just didn’t want to come. I say that based on the two times we were stopped by people driving by, asking us what we all were doing. One dad even said, “I would have done it, but I didn’t know about it!” So clearly the BID has to get the word out a lot better about this great event so more people can have as much fun as we did.

One of the extra benefits (for me, at least) to these regular wine walks is that I get to touch base with business owners old and new, and get an update on village happenings. Here are a newsy tidbits I came away with last night:

  • There’s a new realtor in town, Cornerstone Realty, which as moved into the old Papa Reggio’s trophy shop at 17 W. Main Street. (Papa Reggio has moved to a much bigger location at the back of that building off the parking lot near the gazebo.) The location is so new that the business card that agent Tim Tobin gave me still has a Williamson address. Pop in sometime and welcome them to the village.
  • ROC & Soul Fitness has expanded, and now has a dedicated cycling room. ROC & Soul was kind enough to host last night’s wine walk, and offered up some very nice snacks along with their wins (including Girl Scout cookies, thank you very much).
  • JoJo Bistro and Wine Bar finally erected a sign on the back of their building, which indicates they’re still making progress on moving into the old Prime. I’ve learned from another source that they’re projected open date is now sometime in September, so stay tuned.
  • Eric at Ploty’s Hometown Tavern is working on improving his front patio space, adding some extra seating with building some padded benches. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s to come.
  • You may have noticed the sign in the window at 21 E. Main Street (the former Mac 5 Bikes) announcing the impending arrival of The Village Quilt Shoppe. We noticed some folks working in there when we walked by last night, so I invited myself in and met the new owner, Monique. She told me that they hope to open this coming Friday. I’ll be talking with her again shortly and will post more information later this week!


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