I am an SRP.

19 Nov

You have to be nice to me today. It’s School-Related Professionals Recognition Day.

No, really.

SRP shirtThis is a day officially designated to “recognize and honor the school support staff who help transport, educate, feed and tend our children and keep our schools clean, safe and offices running smoothly.” Gov. Spitzer signed it into law in 2007, to be celebrated annually on the third Tuesday of November. I even have a t-shirt and a sticker this year which I can display proudly in the halls.

I suspect this came about because some of us “SRPs” were a little miffed that secretaries get a recognition day (Administrative Professionals Day) and teachers get a whole week (not that they don’t REALLY deserve it), while we teaching assistants, bus drivers, school nurses, custodians, food service workers, and teacher aides got short shrift.

So, there you have it. School-Related Professionals Recognition Day.

Now don’t get me wrong, as an SRP (doesn’t that sound important?) I will definitely take advantage of the snacks that might show up in the faculty lounge today. And I really do appreciate the effort.

But I really don’t need a Hallmark holiday to know how much I mean to the students. That feeling is renewed this year in my job at the elementary level. When I see them smile and wave as they file past the library,  when they laugh as I read them a funny story, when a kindergartner opens her arms for a hug as I walk by in the hall … that all means so much more to me than snacks.

Don’t get me wrong, though. I’d love some snacks.

* * *

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