The Village Quilt Shoppe is closed — but NOT FOR LONG

21 Dec

quilt shoppe

Earlier this month, during the Village of Webster’s White Christmas celebration, I stopped by one of our newest businesses, the Village Quilt Shoppe, which is located at the corner of Lapham Park and East Main.

When I looked through the window, my jaw dropped and my heart sank.

The place was stripped bare. No rolls of fabric. No cutting tables. No … anything … except bare walls and a few commercial fans. I was flabbergasted. What could have happened to them? Their business was (seemingly) thriving! I  mean, every business struggles a bit when they start, but had they failed already? Had they skipped out on their rent in the middle of the night?

Then I saw a sign on the front door which explained everything. The apartment above the shop had a water problem, which leaked down into the shop and did a lot of damage. Sure enough, I looked up and saw several ceiling tiles missing. So they’ve had to close for a while to do some clean-up and renovations.

The timing was unfortunate, right during one of the busiest village days of the year. I am disappointed they were not able to be open for even more people to discover what a wonderful shop this is.

BUT THEY WILL BE BACK. Owner Monique Liberti told me that they’re still trying to nail down some contractors to do the work and hope to open again in early January.

So they’ll be seeing everyone again soon!

* * *

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