Welcome, Supervisor Flaherty

3 Jan

Tom Flaherty, center, takes his seat as the Webster’s new town supervisor. 

I stopped by the Webster Town Board meeting last night for their organizational meeting, at which a handful of new (and returning) Board members were sworn in. They included our brand new Town Supervisor, Tom Flaherty.

In last November’s election, Flaherty unseated seven-term supervisor Ron Nesbitt, with 54% of the vote.

The crowd at the meeting was standing-room only, packed with family members and well-wishers who were there to watch the swearing-in ceremonies. Flaherty’s contingent was perhaps one of the largest; his wife and seven children were there, and his mother held the Bible during the swearing-in.

I hope to sit down with Flaherty sometime soon (perhaps grab a pint at Barry’s, good Irish lad that he is), after which I can give you some more insight into who Tom Flaherty is and what e might mean for our town. In the meantime, here’s a little background I pulled from a story posted by WHEC Channel 10:

Flaherty is a graduate of St. Bonaventure with a degree in finance and has lived in Webster since 1997.

He says he plan to run for office, but he saw a chance to serve his town and felt “the time was right.” He believes he was able to defeat Nesbitt because “the makeup of the town has changed, so it’s time for the town’s representation to reflect that change.”

One of his goals (which was one of the planks on his platform) is to extend the supervisor’s term to four years, and create a two-term limit.

You can see Channel 10’s full interview here.

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