There’s a new Webster Facebook page in town

13 Feb


Have you seen the new Webster Facebook page that appeared just after the first of the year? In a Facebook landscape where much of the “news” and chatter you find on community groups is filled with vitriol, the new page offers a measured, informative and upbeat look at what’s happening in and around Webster.

It’s called Webster People, Places, News and Events. It was created on January 1 by Webster resident Bob Blind, a name many of you probably are already familiar with.  Bob moderates the very popular and informative Webster, Where Life is Worth Living group. As its administrator, Bob makes sure that the  group remains upbeat and informative. It’s a place where negativity is not allowed, where — unlike other Webster Facebook pages — people don’t think everything about our lovely town is broken, smelly, too loud, too political, or just basically the worst it could ever be.

There’s only one unfortunate thing about that page, however. Because it’s a private group, none of its posts can be shared directly (although you can always cut and paste posts). For many people, that puts a damper on their desire to spread the good news they find there.

With the public (not private) Webster People, Places, News and Events, Bob has created a work-around. He calls it a “shareable extension” of the other group, and explains,

I created this page to help communicate various things happening in our town… So it is just another outlet, so to speak, for me to share Webster news that I see on other Facebook pages or in the news media. I am basically out to share the positive news and stories about our town because nobody else seems to be.

Webster People, Places, News and Events is a bright corner in an often dark and stormy Facebook world for people who just want to find out what’s happening around town. It’s even alerted me to a few events I didn’t know about.

Check it out for yourself by clicking here: Webster People, Places, News and Events

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2 Responses to “There’s a new Webster Facebook page in town”

  1. Diane February 13, 2020 at 11:34 am #

    Thank God for this! 🙌

  2. Dana February 13, 2020 at 1:31 pm #

    Sorry, I must disagree with your evaluation of Bob Blind. Based on your recommendation, a few minutes ago I requested access to the “Webster, Where Life is Worth Living” group. I was immediately blocked from the group with no explanation. He has also blocked me from inquiring to him directly as to the reason. This has happened at least once before with Mr Blind. Certainly sending a reason for the rejection would be a polite and minimally expected response.

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