Another way you can help: donate blood

30 Mar

blood dropAs you can imagine, the Red Cross is facing a severe shortage of blood donations right now. People are afraid to go out, or can’t go out, and are afraid that perhaps donating blood will expose them to a greater chance of getting infected.  Many of their drive locations, like high schools, colleges and businesses are closed, sending a lot of potential donors home. But the need remains critical.

Here’s an email I got from the Red Cross:

Even in this unprecedented crisis, patients and hospitals still depend on lifesaving blood to treat illnesses and injuries that can’t wait: patients who need surgery, mothers facing complications from childbirth, accident victims, patients fighting cancer and countless others.

We understand why people may be hesitant to attend a blood drive or give at their regular donation center. That’s why we want to reassure you that the Red Cross has implemented additional precautions to help ensure the safety of our donors and staff, including temperature checks prior to entering the blood drive, frequent disinfection and social distancing between donation beds where possible. Learn more about why donating blood is a safe process.

Healthy individuals are urged to schedule an appointment to donate blood in the days and weeks ahead.

There are three opportunities coming up locally nest week:

Town of Penfield, 1985 Baird Road
Monday, April 6, 2 to 7 p. m.

St. Martin’s Lutheran Church, 813 Bay Rd
Tuesday, April 7,  1 to 6 p.m.
Sponsor Code: StMartinsLutheranChurchWebster

American Legion, 818 Ridge Road
Wednesday, April 8, 1 to 6 p.m.
Sponsor Code: WebsterCommunity

Please consider making an appointment. It’s a wonderful and easy way to help our community during this difficult time.  Click here to schedule your appointment.

Really, it’s safe.

* * *

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