Making lemonade out of lemons

2 Apr

I pulled that headline from the email I received a few days ago from one of my readers, Andy LaManna, who wanted to share with me a positive story that’s come out of this crisis we’re all facing.

Andy is on the board of directors at the Webster Ice Rink which, like pretty much every other business and sporting venue, has had to close.

When the board was doing their final inventory, they discovered they still had more than 20 cases of soda and vitamin drinks. Rather than pour them all down the drain, they reached out to Teamsters local 118 to see if that organization would be interested in accepting them as a donation.

“It was a small token of appreciation from the rink for all of the work that the transportation industry is doing in this extraordinary time,” Andy said.

Teamsters president Paul Markwitz responded almost immediately, Andy continued, and was very thankful.

Markwitz wrote,

Thanking Andy and the entire Board of Directors at the Webster Ice Rink is not enough. Rochester area Teamsters are working in many essential functions through-out our area. To have the Webster Ice Rink leadership recognize these employees is just amazing! The product donated was immediately delivered to one of our law enforcement agencies where we have first responders working very long extended shifts. This expression of generosity is certainly heartfelt!

On Tuesday, the Webster Ice Rink Board of Directors orchestrated the delivery (keeping proper social distance, of course).


Andy LaManna, right, delivering more than 20 cases of soda and vitamin drinks to Teamsters Local 118 president Paul Markwitz. Photo courtesy rink manager John Tuite.

* * *

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  1. William Kinsella April 3, 2020 at 1:31 pm #

    That is awesome guys! Thanks

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