A very special 90th birthday

28 Apr
birthday parade 3

Pat the birthday girl sits in her front yard awaiting the parade.

What  better place to have a parade in Webster than down its main street?

The most recent birthday parade to hit Webster happened Tuesday at noon along Ridge Rd., and it was a spectacular one, organized by Molly Copeland for her mother Pat.

Led by countless emergency vehicles of all shapes and sizes, and all blaring their air birthday parade 2horns and sirens, the parade was reminiscent of the annual Firemen’s Parade. Dozens of well-wishers in cares, trucks and jeeps followed, most of them festooned with balloons, signs and ribbons (and one with a huge birthday hat), with friends and family hanging out the windows offering happy birthday wishes.

In the messages Molly was sharing to gather participants for the parade, she wrote,

NEQALS EMS have agreed to honor my mother by taking part in a “car parade” on April 28 at noon. She is turning 90, has recently beaten cancer and has lived in Webster all her life!

She is an amazing woman ans has been in the shut down with no one living with her for all of this time. I just really want her 90 years of life to be celebrated, and not feel forgotten.

It was actually a rather short parade. Participants all gathered at Holy Spirit Church, then headed east down Ridge Rd. for about 100 yards to pass by Pat’s house, dispersing only 100 yards later at Phillips Rd.

Short though it was, it was impressive. And guaranteed Pat, who clearly had no idea what was coming, does not feel forgotten.

As she watched wide-eyed as the emergency vehicles streamed by, lights and sirens blaring, she remarked “This is unbelievable.”

I took video of much of the parade, which I will post to my Facebook page.

I love these parades. They are what small-town living is all about. And as one parade watcher remarked, “This is the number one reason to live in Webster. It’s a great community.”

birthday parade 1

The TV stations were out in force. Check their websites for additional coverage. 

* * *

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