Way to go, Webster!

13 Jun


Saturday afternoon, hundreds of Webster residents came together at Veteran’s Memorial Park on North Ave. to show their support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

The peaceful gathering featured several speakers, and an 8 minute, 46 second period of silence to represent the length of time a police officer kneeled on the neck of George Floyd.  There were also petitions, and a huge poster for people to sign and pledge to be an anti-racist.

It was a very meaningful, moving and inspirational ceremony, and I’m proud to be a part of a community that supported it so strongly. Thank you also for the special police who helped manage the traffic to make sure all of the attendees were safe.

I apologize to my readers for not letting you know about this event in advance. I didn’t even have any idea it was happening until a friend mentioned it to me, and that was a full hour into the ceremony. Still, I was able to quickly head on down there (another benefit to living in the village) and snap some pictures.

Ironically, I found out about it just after I had returned from a similar event in the Village of Pittsford. There, the Rochester Anti-Racism Action Coalition had organized a march from the community center to the Port of Pittsford gazebo. That event also drew many hundreds of people, a testament to how serious people are about the Black Lives Matter movement. Hopefully, participation in these rallies will turn into commitment to help bring about real change this time.

* * *

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